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Father’s Day: Victor Tan

This generation sees the rise of cool dads who have fatherhood down to a pat while looking effortlessly good. In conjunction with Father’s Day, Prestige speaks to five doting fathers who take their cue from Hollywood’s power dads leading by example. They speak about rising up to the challenge, defying conventional rules and role models in their lives.

The ‘M&M’s’ is just one of the many nicknames Victor Tan has cheekily dubbed his two children – Maurice and Mozac. Though our shoot fell on Mother’s Day, the Tan household was all prepped up to celebrate their father, armed with plenty of giggles and tickles.

“Maurice, my eldest daughter is very curious and talkative. She is always asking questions and is a fast learner. She constantly expresses herself in various creative ways and can be a little hard-headed at times,” Victor explains while his precocious daughter hops on a unicycle to confidently show off her skills. On the other hand, his son Mozac is a little more reserved, choosing to focus his attention on his personal interests such as lego building while remaining calm and attentive.

“Being a dad to Maurice and Mozac has made me realise that I have to work harder to be a better person in terms of health and financial means. I’ve started to emphasise a lot more on my health as I know that my children are depending on me,” Victor remarks. Movie nights regularly take place in the Tan household as he enjoys spending quality time with his children. “Instead of going out with friends on the weekend, I take my kids to the movies. Instead of going out to a bar, I drink milk with my kids,” he says with a hint of amusement.

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