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Father’s Day Special: Michael Chan

This generation sees the rise of cool dads who have fatherhood down to a pat while looking effortlessly good. In conjunction with Father’s Day, Prestige speaks to five doting fathers who take their cue from Hollywood’s power dads leading by example. They speak about rising up to the challenge, defying conventional rules and role models in their lives.

A jovial character armed with an equally infectious laughter, Michael Chan chooses to embrace a positive outlook on life. None would have guessed that the CEO of Bloomberg Malaysia juggles two roles at home, as he has single-handedly raised his 17-year-old son who he fondly refers to as Junior. “I used to make this joke that I’m a very good father but a damn lousy mother,” he remarks candidly, referring to his dual role at home.

Michael firmly believes that not having a mother is an adversity, as it is an integral role that should be present in a child’s life when they are growing up. “I think that it is actually two separate roles. The reality is I’ve tried to be both a father and mother to Junior but as he grows up, I can see that some of his nurturing needs may not have been met. I try very hard but it is just different, we’re two men at the end of the day and it’s challenging,” he confesses.

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