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Father’s Day: Marcus Mikhail Low

This generation sees the rise of cool dads who have fatherhood down to a pat while looking effortlessly good. In conjunction with Father’s Day, Prestige speaks to five doting fathers who take their cue from Hollywood’s power dads leading by example. They speak about rising up to the challenge, defying conventional rules and role models in their lives.

The phrase three peas in a pod could not have been more apt to describe Marcus Mikhail Low, his wife, Izrin Ismail, and their firstborn, Muiz Mateen. Though he may have inherited his long curly jet-black locks from his mum, there is no doubt that behind the pair of bright, beady eyes, Muiz is his father’s son. “I initially wanted a boy as I wanted him to be able to take care of his younger siblings. But when Izrin was pregnant, I changed my mind and it did not matter anymore as long as we have a healthy baby who we can raise with good values,” Marcus openly admits.

When asked to describe their father-son relationship, Izrin chimes in, adding that Marcus shares a special bond with Muiz since he was born. “He has always been hands-on and he took on the daunting task of bathing Muiz just a few days after I had given birth as I was not confident in handling such a fragile baby,” she confesses. For Marcus, fathers do play an integral role in helping out with the household even though conventional norms previously dictated mothers to do everything. “It is always good to spilt up the tasks as you get to spend time with your children while you are at it and it also makes things less stressful at home,” he remarks.

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