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Father’s Day: Khairil ‘Loque’ Ridzwan Annuar

This generation sees the rise of cool dads who have fatherhood down to a pat while looking effortlessly good. In conjunction with Father’s Day, Prestige speaks to five doting fathers who take their cue from Hollywood’s power dads leading by example. They speak about rising up to the challenge, defying conventional rules and role models in their lives.

Fondly known as Loque on stage, performing in front of a legion of fans has always been the norm for this successful musician but he only has eyes for his biggest supporter who is none other than his two-year-old princess, Anggerik Dang Jelita.

“I may be a perfectionist in my music but not so in my daily life,” Loque confesses when we bring up the subject of fatherhood. He acknowledges that having Anggerik around has actually disciplined him to take on his household responsibilities seriously and prioritise her ahead of his music. Equipment and jamming sessions now fall into second place as he rearranges his former chaotic lifestyle after embarking upon fatherhood.

Though managing a career in music may offer the flexibility that other jobs fail to provide, Loque admits that it has its fair share of cons as well. His weekends are often occupied with performing at shows or catching up on recording deadlines. “However, I will ensure that I replace the time lost with her. I don’t want to waste time anywhere else as I would rather be at home spending time with her and watching her grow up,” says the devoted father who is also husband to Dahlia Nadirah.