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Father’s Day: Juarez Salih Lowe

This generation sees the rise of cool dads who have fatherhood down to a pat while looking effortlessly good. In conjunction with Father’s Day, Prestige speaks to five doting fathers who take their cue from Hollywood’s power dads leading by example. They speak about rising up to the challenge, defying conventional rules and role models in their lives.

It’s an early Sunday morning and the serene atmosphere is already filled with shrieks of delight from a group of spirited children having the time of their lives at the scenic Lake Gardens playground. Juarez Salih Lowe is standing under a tree, watching over his daughter , Julia, who is excitedly discovering every swing and slide in the park. Determined not to break their regular Sunday routine which includes a visit to the park, Juarez had requested for our shoot to take place at the Lake Gardens to fulfil his youngest daughter’s weekend dose of playground fun. As he calls out to Julia, she runs protectively over to her father, clutching his hands and lets out a loud shriek when he sneakily swings her up onto his shoulders. “I’ve got a few more tricks, would you like to see it?” he asks, drawing a burst of delighted squeals from his daughter.

As the CEO and founder of a corporate training firm based in Kuala Lumpur, the former lawyer has racked up quite an impressive repertoire, though no role is more important than his duty as a father, as he sees himself as a dad and husband ahead of anything else. “Fatherhood has made me very aware of how my actions speak louder than words. Children often mimic what we as parents do, regardless of whether it’s a good or bad thing. As a father, I’m definitely more careful about what I do and how I behave,” says the father of two who is also an avid tennis fan.

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