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Cover Story & Video: Chryseis Tan

Chryseis Tan is ready to make her mark with the launch of the innovative new app.

Cover Story & Video: Chryseis Tan

When one’s father is a magnate with business interests the world over, it can only be expected that some of that sharp acumen will rub off on to the next generation. It thus comes as no surprise that Chryseis Tan, daughter of the Berjaya Group’s Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan, is on her way to establish herself as a savvy entrepreneur. “Talking about business is something that is part of our life,” she says, when asked what advice the tycoon has dispelled to the burgeoning businesswoman. “He is very encouraging and tells me that I have to be very hands-on, that I have to know what the business is about before I venture into it.”

Her first foray into entrepreneurship was with the coldpress juice company La Juiceria and this year, things were taken up several notches when she brought the Thai café Greyhound into Malaysia and most recently, invested in the shopping app Goxip. “If the company has growth potential, we will look into it,” she says, explaining what guides her investment decisions. “Of course, I also have to be interested in the business and in growing it.”

From the three businesses she has ventured into, Chryseis’ interests can easily be discerned — health, food and fashion. 

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