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Cover Story: Living Matter

Though facing the inevitable on a daily basis, Reeno Kong the dynamic entrepreneur looks at life through a different perspective, choosing to focus on leading a fulfilled life.

It’s an early Thursday morning, the kind of day where the weather agrees as golden rays of sunlight lights up the cloudless blue sky, casting shadows over the perfectly manicured lawn. There’s a light breeze in the air rustling through the trees, as the serene silence is punctuated by the melodic chirping from the birds and the soothing sound of water flowing from a fountain. Amidst the scenic garden setting lies a grand Chinese pavilion structure, with a wooden signage hung on the top to welcome visitors, bearing the Chinese characters carved with gold lettering that reads ‘The Burial Place of Kong’. We’re standing in broad daylight right at the Kongs’ designated last resting place, constructed on the hilltop overlooking the Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih. My initial qualms about the memorial park dissipated quickly as I stand in awe, struck by the untainted beauty of the park. On the contrary, Reeno Kong seems right at home as he takes refuge inside the pavilion to cool himself off from the scorching heat. “How does it feel knowing that you will be buried here one day?” I inquire inquisitively, eager to know his thoughts. “It’s given me peace of mind because I know where I will be buried at the end of the day and I will be resting with my family,” he replies candidly while showing me his grandfather’s tomb nestled behind the pavilion.

As the third child out of five siblings, the executive director of Nirvana Asia Ltd is a vision of youth, as mortality seems unimaginable from his tenacious spirit. Described by his siblings and friends as a well-mannered gentleman who has a sense of humour, the son of Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong has been tasked with the responsibility of overseeing all the sales, marketing and operations for the bereavement business.With a strong foundation in Chinese education, Kong went on to pursue a marketing degree in Monash University, Australia before cutting his teeth for a year by selling property for one of his father’s subsidiary companies. 

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