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Cover Story: Johari Imran Lok

Johari Imran Lok is determined to carve his own destiny.

Johari Imran Lok is a citizen of the world yet he still considers himself a Sabahan at heart. As a Kuala Lumpur city boy enamoured by the lure of the urban jungle, armed with a global perspective gained from his schooling years abroad in Melbourne, Johari holds a strong sense of identity that has shaped him into who he has become today. This isn’t surprising as there is a strong link between history and heritage that courses through his veins, given the fact that he is the first grandson of the late Tun Datuk Hj. Mohammad Fuad Stephens, a monumental political figure revered for playing an integral role in the formation of the Malaysian Federation.

As a young boy, Johari grew up listening to tales spanning across various aspects of his grandfather’s illustrious life. “My grandmother, my mum and her siblings will always relive the days when he was alive and from what I’ve gathered, he was a very generous guy who would look after everyone. I remember a time when my grandmother told me, if my grandfather was still alive, he would spoil me to death,” Johari recalls with a laugh.

Though his grandfather’s legacy still permeates Sabah, Johari has chosen to make his mark in an offbeat business venture, specifically focusing on targeting the booming vaporiser market, which has taken off over the past few years. Unlike most of his peers who revel in the comforts of a stable plush banking job, the dynamic 25-year-old entrepreneur seized the opportunity to pursue an unconventional path and introduce a product that appeals to the masses. After mulling over the idea of setting up a vape business for four months, Johari jumped on board and roped in a former school mate to join him as a partner in the new venture.

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