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Cover story: Dato’ Chevy Beh

Our January personality Dato’ Chevy Beh is on a quest to create his own legacy

There is an earnestness about Dato’ Chevy Beh’s demeanour that gives him the appearance of being beyond his 31 years of age. It is not necessarily a negative as it is a trait that comes out especially strong when he talks about BookDoc, the mobile application he created that connects patients with healthcare professionals. Launched in 2015, the app was the first of its kind in Malaysia and recently celebrated its first-year anniversary.

“It feels great that we are still alive as a company,” he says. “It is a major milestone for any start-up to be able to celebrate the first-year anniversary.”

Prior to going out on his own, Chevy was the managing director of BP Healthcare, a company founded by his father Dato’ Beh Chun Chuan. While at the helm, Chevy was credited for growing the business substantially, more than doubling the number of branches, from 50 to 200, and increasing the workforce from a couple of hundred to a few thousands. But despite these successes, Chevy felt that recognition was not always there.

“No matter how well you do, people always attribute it to your background. In a family business, the perception is that you are luckier because you have a platform to start. Maybe there is someone behind it, there is an architect,” he says. “It is not zero-based. There is nothing wrong with that but now no one can claim that because we started from scratch.”

Furthermore, Chevy discovered that in a start-up, the same success can be replicated in a shorter time frame.

“It is completely different running a brick and mortar versus online platform,” he explains. “For example, during my time as CEO, I could grow the company three times in terms of workforce or sales, three times over a period of five years which is great and unprecedented in the healthcare landscape in the country. But in using tech, there are no boundaries in my pursuit. For example, today I have over 10,000 healthcare partners in over four countries, that I achieved in about one year versus my previous capacity of scaling from 50 to 200 outlets over five years.”

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