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All In the Family: Lawrence Cheng

Veteran actor, producer, director Lawrence Cheng tells us how it’s like to live in a house full of women, his relationships with his daughters Zaneta and Amanda, and who his favourite is.

What’s it like being surrounded by women all the time? “It’s a nightmare,” Lawrence Cheng says, addressing his household that’s chock full of them. 

Those familiar with the happy-go-lucky actor, comedian, radio DJ, emcee, film producer and director will know that such words would be spoken with a chuckle and a playful roll of the eyes, all while Cheng looks fondly upon his daughters, Zaneta and Amanda, as they have their make-up and hair done. “The funny thing is, I like having two daughters instead of two sons. I don’t know why. They’re really noisy, troublesome … very much like their mother. But I think I’m all right with that.”

Between shots, the girls rib their father. “We’re buddy-buddy,” he says. “They tell me everything, including their dreams, their jobs, about their friends, their colleagues, their romances. Practically everything.”

The close-knit bond didn’t come about by chance, but stems from a tradition that Cheng inherited from his own parents, and which includes regular family meal times. “My parents used to take all of us – I have one brother and three sisters; I’m the youngest – for yum cha every Sunday. My father was a banker, and every night he’d come back to have dinner with all of us. That’s a tradition I’ve happily inherited. When my girls were young, I took a job as COO of Commercial Radio, so that every night I could have dinner with my family. That’s what my parents gave to us, a sense of belonging and togetherness, and I treasure that.”

Now, every parent will insist that he or she doesn’t have a preferred child, but – knowing that Cheng won’t deflect the question – we ask him anyway, “Who’s your favourite?” 

“My favourite one,” he answers, “is my wife!”  


Photography Until Chan

Styling Florent Thiébaut

Make-up Megumi Sekine

Hair Ryan Ma

Location Amalfitana

Wardrobe and accessories Michael Kors