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Look East: Siti Atiqah of Seri Insan Borneo School

As part of Prestige Malaysia’s annual focus on Sabah, we turn the spotlight on five Sabahans who each strives to bring positive change to the community in their own ways. Words by Julie Yim & Justin Ng.

Prestige Kota KinabaluSITI ATIQAH

Nurturing Young Minds

“Where else are they able to gain access to education if no one opens their doors to them?”

A creative spirit with a perennial thirst for design, Siti Atiqah may be in the business of education, but she strongly adheres to the concept of holistic education and aims to guide young minds to develop their full potential. “I believe every individual has their own strength and passion. Students should be given equal opportunity to strive for excellence in all that they do,” says the vivacious Atiqah, who also serves as director of Seri Insan Borneo School, a private education establishment based in Kota Kinabalu.

Read the full feature in Prestige Malaysia July 2018 issue.


photography Kah Mun
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styling Ibnu Aswan
styling assistance Nigel Lee
make-up & hair Gavin Soh
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