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Top 10 picks to bring sparkle to your favourite season of the year

Our top 10 picks to bring infinite sparkles to your favourite season of the year

Either you’re looking to add some light things up for this festive season or really wanting to treat someone meaningful in your life, there’s nothing quite like the gift of fine jewellery. Here are our top 10 picks from Cartier, DeGemGübelin, Tiffany & Co. as well as Roberto Coin to bring sparkle to your favourite season of the year:

1. Cartier Retba Necklace

A graceful chain made of white gold, the Retba Necklace is aesthetically versatile through the ornamentation of one 91.15ct and one 8.33ct pear-shaped rubellites, pink and white brilliant-cut diamonds.

2. Cartier Eurythmie Bracelet

Dazzling in pink gold and shimmering in lapis lazuli—a precious stone cherished for its intense deep blue hue, the Eurythmie Bracelet will arrest your wrist and heart with its lavish brilliant-cut diamonds.

3. DeGem Emerald Andes Earrings

Inspired by arches and domes through the times, the Emerald Andes Earrings whimsically play with the 13th– and 14th-century architecture as evidenced by their sugarloaf motif intricately manifested by cabochon.

4. DeGem Grandeur Ring

Rich in luscious pink spinel and diamonds, the Grandeur Ring is a paragon of grandeur and splendour with sleek curves of English gothic architecture juxtapose with famous structures of the Ottoman Empire.

5. Gübelin Grace of the Sea Anemone Drop Earrings

Nothing says I love you quite like this gorgeous pair of drop earrings in white gold paired with two sapphires as well as brilliant-cut diamonds.

6. Gübelin Grace of the Sea Anemone Ring

Make her light up this year with this exquisite white gold ring decked with precious rubies around it. This is the perfect choice for the woman who loves to add a subtle pop of colour to her look.

7. Roberto Coin Roman Barocco Earrings

Inspired by the beauty of Italian city that the emperor Adrian consecrated as the Eternal City, the woven gold wire technique found on this brilliant earrings is sure to rock her world this Christmas season.

8. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Victoria® Key Pendants

The best keys to unlock your heart are made by Tiffany & Co. Made of pink gold or red gold, the diamond-paved Tiffany Victoria Key Pendants symbolise brilliant beacons of optimism and hope.

9. Tiffany & Co. Good and Bad Single Cufflinks

Add an edge to your dressing by opting for the Good and Bad Single Cufflinks. Made of timeless sterling silver, you can switch it up by attaching one cuff with a Good cufflink and the other a Bad cufflink.

10. Roberto Coin Roman Barocco Ring

Inspired by the architecture of Roman buildings, this statement ring eludes a second look reminiscent of an artful light show typical of the Baroque era, using diamonds to create a spectacular optical effect.

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