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What’s Your Letter?

dUCk’s latest Alphabet collection is celebrating the mystery of D as well as providing the opportunity for fashion lovers personalise their most treasured belongings.

The Alphabet collection is D’s way of sharing the reason behind the shroud of mystery that surrounds her name and being. “Some may think I’m fictional and I don’t blame anyone who thinks so. After all, my name is hidden, my form illustrated and I never seem to appear at any of my own events. But that aside, it is the same ‘some’ who have come to know and love me as D – just D.” Of course, we couldn’t agree more; who knew a simple alphabet such as a ‘D’ could bring fashion lovers from different backgrounds and places together?

The collection includes gorgeous selections of silk scarves, twillies, hardcover notebooks and coated canvas tote bags. What further sets the collection apart from anything we’d ever seen from the dUCk group is the personalised touch it has given to every design – each featuring a single letter of the individually designed alphabet.

Notably, the Alphabet tote bag is to die for. A high-quality coated canvas bag with genuine leather trimming, printed canvas lining featuring its all-new dUCk monogram. Its 3D dUCk charm zipper is something we won’t mind seeing more often. And we especially adore the hand-drawn geometric design finished in a raw crayon effect. All that being said, D also announced the arrival of a newcomer into the dUCk Group – dUCk Home and Living. We’ve our eyes on you D.