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Tod’s and The Colosseum

Tod’s commemorates the first phase of the Colosseum’s restoration.

Over the past five years, the biggest names in Italian luxury fashion have pooled together their resources in a bid to save Italy’s renowned historic monuments. Joining the bandwagon is luxury leather goods company Tod’s, which has pledged €25 million in 2011 towards the restoration of Rome’s monumental Colosseum.

Today, the Colosseum has risen from its former dreary state and returned to its glorious heyday form thanks to a successful partnership between Tod’s and Rome’s Archaeological Heritage Department. The first phase of the Colossal restoration project, which began in 2011, has now been completed and was carried out on the northern and southern façades, covering a total surface area of approximately 13,300sqm. The restoration also included the replacement of the current arch enclosure system with new wrought iron gates.

The next phase will focus on the restoration of the Colosseum’s historic passageways and underground vaults. Visitors will still be able to access the Colosseum from the outer area as a service centre and utility system will be implemented.

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