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With an intense focus on symmetry, uniformity and an incomparable cutting technique, Hearts On Fire illuminates each and every diamond with a sparkle so stunning you may just need sunglasses

The right light can make all the difference in the world. It can transform a photograph into an inimitable work of art, it can add ambience and drama to an otherwise unimpressive atmosphere, and it can even alter your mood. So imagine what the right light can do for your diamonds.

If you haven’t witnessed the incandescent flicker of a Hearts On Fire diamond, then you’ve never seen a diamond truly shine. Unlike inferior cuts that leak light from the bottom and sides, a Hearts On Fire diamond boasts a perfect ring of eight hearts along its base and a symmetrical fireburst motif encircling the crown, allowing the diamond to capture and reflect light for the most intense sparkle you’ve ever seen.
Bold from the Beginning
It all began 20 years ago in Belgium, when founder Glenn Rothman discovered an extraordinary diamond that showcased a remarkable hearts and fireburst pattern created by its perfectly symmetrical cut. Rothman returned to his home base in the United States with a single-minded mission: to recreate this unusual cut. It was that same year – 1996 – that the Hearts On Fire brand was established.

Rothman and his wife Susan’s first Hearts On Fire collection of exquisite round-shaped diamonds sold out almost instantly, thanks to an astonishing brilliance that could catch the eye from across a room. A mere two years later, the company established a global presence with outposts strung across Asia and the Caribbean. The success of the round-shaped Hearts On Fire diamond inspired the Rothmans to expand their repertoire, ultimately adding a square-shaped diamond – dubbed the Dream diamond – to the catalogue.
The Rarest of the Rare
While all diamonds are inherently rare, a Hearts On Fire diamond takes exclusivity to a new extreme. Plucking from just 0.1 percent of the world’s most translucent untouched diamonds, Hearts On Fire hones in on raw crystals exhibiting a perfect eight facets. These precious diamonds-in-the-rough are then entrusted to the skilful hands of master craftsmen who are part of an elite guild that numbers just 400 members worldwide.
Rather than relying on clunky machinery, Hearts On Fire enlists these masterful artisans to hand cut and hand polish each and every raw gem using state-of-the-art anti-vibration technology and a patented formula that is unknown to anyone else in the world. Once the diamond is cut to Hearts On Fire’s exacting standards, it’s scrutinised under 100x magnification, which is far superior to the 10x magnification utilised by the rest of the industry.

It’s the brand’s focus on uniformity, proportion and perfection that yields a diamond that reflects more light from the top of the crown than any other diamond on the market. A Hearts On Fire diamond may take four times as long to cut and polish, but what it offers in terms of sparkle is simply immeasurable. In fact, this phenomenal display of light has been affectionately dubbed the “Ten-table diamond”, since the luminescent lustre of a Hearts On Fire gem can be spotted from 10 tables across the room.
Sparkling Endorsements
Hearts On Fire was a trendsetter from the outset, but 2008 marked a pivotal year for the 12-year-old brand thanks to the launch of the Architectural collection, which signalled a notable shift in design direction. Culling inspiration from celebrated architectural structures across the world, the collection ultimately landed in the pages of Architectural Digest, an unusual feat for a jewellery brand. That same year, the Hearts On Fire Diamond Chandelier was also catapulted into the limelight. Created in honour of the 60th “diamond” anniversary of the Emmy Awards and featured in USA Today and People, this stunning centrepiece showcased over 1,000 carats of diamonds worth upwards of US$10 million.

Today Hearts On Fire is a truly global brand with a wingspan that extends over 32 countries. Recognised by prestigious publications like Robb Report as an icon of innovation and excellence, Hearts On Fire has become synonymous with ingenuity, and many high-jewellery houses have followed in the Rothmans’ footsteps by creating their own branded cuts of diamonds.
High Design
From its incomparable stone-cutting techniques to its interactive retail stores, Hearts On Fire strives to continually push the envelope. Luckily for us, the brand’s jewellery line reflects the same pioneering spirit as the diamonds it so proudly displays. Divined by design director Ilaria Lanzoni, the Hearts On Fire jewellery collection encompasses several breathtaking suites, including the Lorelei, which launched in 2013, and the Aerial, which made its debut in 2014.

Integrating modern design elements with a fashion-forward sensibility, the Lorelei Collection highlights an array of iconic motifs such as infinity symbols, interlocking hearts and flowers in mid-bloom. With an audaciously feminine feel, this contemporary collection can easily be dressed up or down.

The Aerial Collection takes its cues from Mother Nature, showcasing ethereal snowflakes, butterflies and raindrops forged from glittering diamonds. Adding an air of mystery to this delicate suite, round and square-shaped Hearts On Fire diamonds are used to create the illusion of other diamond shapes, such as marquise, pear and more.

Hearts On Fire’s unwavering commitment to conjure up extraordinarily cut, exceptionally creative fine jewellery has earned it a loyal following of A-list celebrities. Packing plenty of sparkle in their own right, stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Malin Ackerman, Victoria Justice, Liv Tyler and Elizabeth Banks have all lit up the red carpet wearing Hearts On Fire diamonds.