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Ferrari Flair

The automaker is helping its customers up their style quotient, according to ANDREA PERRONE. 

“Ferrari is timeless; we’re not fashionable,” declares Andrea Perrone. “We do not follow the trend. We set the trend.”
The senior vice-president of brand direction is referencing the supercar company’s latest move of launching a fashion line, the PR1MA Lifestyle Collection, which comprises five coats, polo shirts and t-shirts each.
Making its debut in May last year in the brand’s headquarters in Maranello, it was then launched in the Ferrari Singapore showroom in September, coinciding with the Grand Prix here. With that, our little island-state was given the honour of being the second location in the world to offer the collection.
“PR1MA came as an idea to create something unique and exclusive for Ferrari owners, a tribute to all the people who have made this brand amazing,” explains Perrone.
The inspiration for the collection stems from the first magazine published by the automaker in 1947 — on its cover was an image of the prancing horse delineated with stitching. Those same lines are now found throughout PR1MA, such as in the minute detailing on the inner collar of the polo shirt.
And its name? A tribute to the first car produced by Ferrari, the 125 S, which explains why there is a number “1” in place of the letter “i” in the word that translates into “first”. “Attention to details is the key in any luxury business, whether it is retail, automotive, apparel or jewellery,” remarks Perrone.
Which is why Ferrari has chosen to use only the finest silk, linen and cashmere to create PR1MA — and it is “100 percent made in Italy”. There are jackets made from the softest leather and t-shirts woven from the “best cotton available in the world”.
But the one thing that stands out about the collection is the invisibility of the prancing horse logo: “We felt that the craftsmanship should be more prominent than the brand. That’s why it’s a no-logo collection. The details don’t need to be shouting Ferrari.”
Step inside the newly renovated showroom along Leng Kee and the PR1MA Spring/Summer 2014 collection is discreetly tucked away behind sliding doors that hide a lounge (pictured left) luxuriously decked out in leather and high-gloss surfaces. On display alongside the apparel are accessories (sunglasses and bags, for example) and Ferrari playthings (a chess set, miniature card models and a motorcycle helmet, just to name a few).
It’s all part of a bigger strategy that the carmaker is now focusing on: To build Ferrari as a lifestyle brand in the eyes of its core customers. Moving forward, future stores will see an area dedicated to this part of the business: “All the wealthy people who love to come and see their own cars — how we’re making or restoring it — they want to be given a treat and experience the brand.”
If the numbers are anything to go by, the customers are loving it. Since its launch, the apparel and accessories business has seen double-digit growth. “That’s very important and it gives us the confidence that the business and direction that we’re taking is the right one,” says Perrone.
He already has the pipeline all choked up with plans for the PR1MA collection. Fall/Winter 2014 is in the works, along with a made-to-measure service. A capsule collection will be created in conjunction with the launch of the LaFerrari, scheduled for early 2014. There are also plans to make PR1MA available online.
Women haven’t been neglected either; he promises accessories and bags for them in the next season: “There are a lot of female Ferrari fans and most of our customers, when they come back, like to give something to their wives or girlfriends. So we felt that was another opportunity that we can definitely consider.”




Ferrari’s revamped showroom is chock-a-block full of features for fans (and customers) of the brand. By Jolie Goh

Roared over to Ferrari lately? You’d have noticed its fresh look. In addition to the all-new lounge for customers to relax in (see main story), the redesigned Leng Kee Road showroom also offers the Atelier, a state-of-the-art facility where customisation of cars take place.
Set amid the showroom’s sporty edge, contemporary interior and fluorescent lighting, the Atelier (pictured below) allows customers to preview their ideal bespoke car through a high-definition LED touch-screen panel after they’ve chosen from a range of colour and trim elements on display. Out of inspiration? A unique 458 Spider sits in the middle with a denim-accented interior to show just how adept Ferrari can be.
Shop the wider collection of Genuine After Market Accessories (GAMA products) such as fitted luggage and race-inspired carbon fibre trims. A thoughtfully laid out after-sales reception area, enveloped by minimalistic decor of whites and reds, offers comfort and privacy to those who set foot in it, while the revamped workshop provides an added 10 percent increase in service capacity and a dedicated diagnostics area.
Teo Hock Seng, CEO of Ital Auto which distributes Ferrari in Singapore, expressed that “the lighting, viewing angles, decor and layout of the 600-sq-m space is optimised to present the cars in the best way possible”, while “the Atelier room is designed to stimulate creativity and offer all the support owners need to personally configure their new car”.
Ferrari owner or not, this is one showroom you’ll want to visit just to soak it all in.