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Ethan K gets on board with Bentley

Singapore-born designer Ethan Koh has teamed up with Bentley to launch the exclusive Ethan K for Bentley collection

Fashion? And cars? Both worlds are intertwining. And this time, it’s bagged — pun intended — bag label Ethan K.

In a tribute to luxury car marque Bentley, London-based Singapore designer Ethan Koh has released a special range of bags for the automaker. Called Ethan K for Bentley, the collection comprises 11 eye-popping designs, including nine clutches and two bags. And ensuring it stay true to both brands’ design language, each piece comes with a plush quilted lining that takes inspiration from the diamond-quilted upholstery of Bentley’s interior designs.

Making it even more exclusive is the fact that the collection is only available through private order, which means only a select group of Ethan K customers will get first dibs.

The accessories come in a range of colours reminiscent of Asian fruits and spices, with clasps taking the form of ornate animals carved from semi-precious stones such as tiger’s eye.

“This is a collaboration that is very close to my heart. I have such fond memories of sitting in my father’s Bentley and I remember admiring the quilted linings of the seats and how luxurious I thought they were,” designer Ethan Koh says. “It’s why I singled out the quilted motif as a key design element for the collection and I chose to place it inside the bags for a more understated look.”