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Cristina Sabaiduc: Flightless Prints

Lauded for creating aesthetically beautiful pieces and yet inspired by unlikely sources, Cristina Sabaiduc Spring Summer 2016 collection is propelled by the wings of a dragonfly.

Bold and strong-willed are among some of the words that I would use to describe Cristina Sabaiduc. During the presentation of her latest collection, held in the cosy establishment of Cuevolution Showroom, this Romania-born, London-based artist was passionately sharing her inspiration as well as her vision on how beauty is often overlooked and can be found even in the most unappealing and mundane object or natural artefact.

This Spring Summer collection, Sabaiduc was inspired by a still and motionless dragonfly lying on the ground while she was hiking in the valleys of the Pacific Coast Ranges of Canada. “I’ve this habit to look out for unfamiliar objects, places and experiences; I just don’t want to miss out what the world has to offer. So when I saw and picked up this lifeless dragonfly, I was instantly transfixed by its wings. Looking at it, so dainty and light, I knew what I had to do,” she says, before excitedly continues that she had packed the creature carefully and brought it back to her studio.

There is no doubt that Sabaiduc’s design aesthetic, both in print and silhouette, is an elegant union between textile traditions and techniques from around the world. “The cut and draping of the season was heavily influenced by the concept of the wing in movement, flight and lightness. You will also see a lot of cooling and serene palettes. What you are viewing now are all original prints in shades of pale pink, turquoise, powder blue and peppermint, designed in-house through an analogue process with photographic artist, Jo Holland.”

Apart from being an adventurous traveller, Sabaiduc’s daring experimentation with unconventional materials is admirable. Her style incorporates contrasting elements such as the comfort and smoothness of silk with luxurious jerseys as well as more structural sportswear fabrics that have properties like water-repellent and cooling functions.

Personally, I really love how each piece created by Sabaiduc can be transformed to an entirely different style by tying a knot or two at the side of the dress or adding a ribbon or so at the waistline. “I aspire to add intrinsic value and appreciation into each design, putting a more holistic approach to dressing on our clients from morning to night. If you look closer, you will notice that the apparel focuses a lot on the wearer’s everyday intricacies and nuances,” Sabaiduc explains.

However, the most interesting information I received was that Sabaiduc was initially a pattern cutter. “I pattern made the whole collection, so I cut and draped them myself. I don’t quite do sketches; I never have… Thus, when I’ve an inspiration, I know how I want the outfit to be; how it would hug around the body without being drowned by the materials; how to fully utilise the fabric to minimise waste; what can be sewn to where and all that,” she elaborates. She also adds that once she has figured out the pattern, she would make it herself, while her assistance would help her with the tulle. And then from there, the dress will be created.

As much as her love for fashion goes, Sabaiduc reveals that corset is something she can never truly understand. “I dislike wearing form-fitting, confined and restrictive clothing. To me, apparels can be fitted and well-tailored, but if it is uncomfortable and if it limits your movement… Well, it’s just unappealing to me,” she says and declares that most of her items are flexible enough for yoga practitioners to practise in.

Cristina Sabaiduc’s collection is available exclusively at Cuevolution Showroom, Publika B2-1-9 Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur