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How 6 creatives are writing the same future with Fendi latest campaign

 To celebrate the 1st year anniversary of F is For… Fendi, the luxury Italian brand has gathered six afire artists (a.k.a super street legends) for the first time to write the word FUTURE in six different languages inside a giant yellow ring. Why? To spread a mega positive vibe across Rome and beyond, breaking all barriers for a fearless future for all the freaks around.
Soaking up the Roman sun, the #fisforfendi crew took over the Fendi HQ Rooftop in Rome to give life to The Ring of The Future.

The artists each add elements from their respective aesthetics. And despite the artists’ cultural differences and varying artistic approaches, all of the six talents share a similar outlook on the joy that can be found in art, something Fendi has been keen to explore in recent seasons.

So who are the six artists?

Gary Stranger

Gary Stranger (UK)

Gary is a British contemporary street artist who is renowned for his graphic, edgy curvature and precise free-hand artworks. His use of bold colours and sharp edges, both on walls and in art galleries, qualifies him as one of the most exciting graffiti artist worldwide.

Hillel Smith

Hillel Smith (USA)

Inspired by his Jewish heritage, Hillel’s moving images supports the contemporary Jewish art, reimagining the tradition by using modern media. The American street artist and graphic designer revitalises ancient rituals with online projects as well as carries out workshops, which are focused on empowerment, continuity and identity creation through creativity.


Jodae (South Korea)

Through his interpretations of Shamanistic symbols, Jodae is a Korean artist who is based in Seoul. He began exhibiting his works in 2008 and has since been renowned for creating and defining his own street art style by incorporating Korean elements. Jodae personal interest in Shamanism and various other cultural beliefs has allowed him to focus on bringing diverse cultural elements into his own symbolism.


Roes (Hong Kong)

The co-founder of the Hong Kong art collective Smile Maker HK, Timyan or Roes is a Hong Kong artist who started painting graffiti on the streets of his hometown in 2004. He continued to study graphic design and illustration in 2006. His inspiration always comes from his daily life.


Cave (Iran)

Originally from Tehran but now based in London, Cave is an Iranian graffiti artist who alternates between Arabic and Farsi, mixing the two alphabets. He admits to be obsessed with the Arabic alphabet which he uses in a way to create new harmonic forms.


Casper (Japan)

A Japanese artist who started painting graffiti in 1996, Casper participated in Japan’s first graffiti exhibition X-Color held at Mito Art Museum in 2005 and subsequently participated at the Summer Sonic event in 2007. In 2015, the live-painting artist worked on a graffiti mural art project measuring 70 metre x 8 metre. His work extends from painting stores’ exteriors to producing stage costumes and creating logos.

For more information about F is for… campaign, check out Fendi’s website here.

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