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You’ve met Doona Bae, the rising star of Korean cinema who’s making her leap into Hollywood. Now check out the rest of our picks of the up-and-comers who will shape our tomorrows

The Next Daniel Craig



You’ve met Doona Bae, the rising star of Korean cinema who’s making her leap into Hollywood. Now check out the rest of our picks of the up-and-comers who will shape our tomorrows

The Next Daniel Craig


Brooding Brits are popular in Hollywood, and none of the current crop match Daniel Craig’s brute physicality and smouldering charm quite like Jack O’Connell. He first caught critics’ attention as a troublemaker in teenage TV drama Skins, then was acclaimed for his gritty performance as a violent young offender in indie flick Starred Up. That film caught the attention of Angelina Jolie, who cast O’Connell in the lead role of Unbroken and has now introduced him to the rest of Hollywood – he’s currently working with George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The Next Adrian Zecha

Since Adrian Zecha opened his Amanpuri resort in 1988, and in the process entirely reimagined notions of discreet luxury hospitality, almost everyone has jumped on to the bandwagon. None of these imitators, however, nailed the concept quite so accurately – or, in the process, took it that crucial step further – as Aussies Rory and Melita Hunter, who a decade or so ago impulse-bought a pair of remote Cambodian islets and then went to work on them. These have since been transformed into Song Saa, a barefoot-luxury retreat underpinned by a philanthropic foundation that actively invests in the local community and the environment. It’s not only a tiny heaven on Earth, but also a place where you really can feel virtuous about doing absolutely nothing.

The Next Tina Fey

Comedy Central star Amy Schumer is known for her brash humour and raunchy skits on her show Inside Amy Schumer, a hit on US TV that has spawned countless YouTube viral videos. She’s recently made the leap to the big screen with Trainwreck, a Judd Apatowdirected comedy with vague autobiographical undertones that was a box-office summer hit in the US. A frequent performer on the stand-up circuit and an avid Instagrammer, the New Yorker has also acted in plays, hosted the MTV Music Awards and is an unofficial spokesperson for women’s empowerment.

The Next Angelina Jolie

Beauty queen Gal Gadot has come a long way since winning the Miss Israel title in 2004. She first came to notice as the token babe in The Fast & The Furious franchise, in which she was cast for her military experience and weapons knowledge (having served in the Israel Defence Forces), and we predict she will soon shoot into the Hollywood stratosphere, having been cast in the remake of Wonder Woman due out in 2017. She’ll warm up to the role first in next March’s Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice; it’s only a matter of time before teenage boys give up fantasies of Lara Croft in favour of another female action superstar.

The Next Zaha Hadid
If China is the playground of the world’s architects, then Ma Yansong, the founder of Shanghai-based MAD Architects, may soon be able to make a claim as king of the hill. His large, ambitious projects on the mainland include the sinuous China Wood Sculpture Museum and the under-construction Nanjing Hendai Himalayas Center, which displays the studio’s partiality for sweeping lines and gravity-defying structures. Star Wars director George Lucas is a fan of MAD’s futuristic aesthetic and has recently commissioned the firm to design the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago.

The Next Ferran Adrià
There’s no shortage of Spanish chefs who have risen in profile since Ferran Adrià shuttered the doors at elBulli, from his sibling (and, some say, the real culinary brains in the family) Albert Adrià to the Roca brothers to countless others of the elBulli diaspora helming Spanish kitchens around the world. But the young, Basque country-raised Eneko Atxa has made a name for himself, and not just for the adventurous and experimental cuisine he serves at Azurmendi, outside of Bilbao, and at Aziamendi in Phuket. In conjunction with the Universidad del País Vasco and the Adriàestablished Alícia Foundation, he has also installed a research facility at Azurmendi focused on exploring the connection between sustenance and the senses.

The Next Takashi Murakami
It’s unlikely that any other Japanese pop artist will rise to the level of fame that the colonel of cute, Takashi Murakami, has. But we love the similarly innocent aesthetic adopted by Shintaro Miyake, who takes his dreamy, child-like drawings to the next level by doing them in public. His live-drawing sessions are notable not just for the complex scenarios he projects by pencil onto giant canvasses, but also because he’s known to dress in original costumes that echo his characters, elevating the experience to performance art.

The Next Mario Sorrenti
British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth trained under photographer Alasdair McLellan before striking on his own in 2012. A rare bird among photographers of his generation in that he only shoots on film, Hawkesworth is not confined by the limits of fashion photography and is known for his documentary and reporting work. It’s advertising campaigns and editorial jobs, however, that have put him on the map, especially his images for JW Anderson and Loewe, not to mention more recent collaborations with the likes of Miu Miu and fashion bible US Vogue.

The Next Richard Branson
A penchant for practical joking that morphed into a willingness to undertake just about any stunt imaginable (the more dangerous, the better) helped make Richard Branson a household name around the world. But GoPro founder Nick Woodman has gone one step further, by creating a business empire around his desire to capture images of his own extreme activities. From its humble beginnings in 2002, GoPro has grown to become the gold standard of compact, high-definition, digital action cameras, the must-wear accessory of anyone insane enough to throw themselves off a cliff, leap out of an aeroplane or volley down the Cresta Run on a tea tray. And at last count, the 40-year-old Woodman was worth US$2.6 billion.

The Next Ilse Crawford
San Francisco-based interior designer Lauren Geremia is behind the quirky offices of tech companies like Instagram, Paypal and Dropbox, which have been setting the blogosphere alight with their eclectic details and striking use of artwork. She’s also brought her pared-back but whimsical aesthetic to homes, restaurants and cocktail bars around the Bay Area.

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