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All Eyes On The Latest Luxury Eyewear Model From Four Nines

The number one eyewear brand in Japan makes its mark in Malaysia.

Donning a pair of stylish sunnies indoors might seem odd to some unless if you happen to big fans of Japanese eyewear purveyors, 999.9 (Four Nines). The Tokyo-based eyewear specialists recently teamed up with local eyewear retail pioneers Focus Point to host  a very special trunk show event. Situated at the Couture Pavilion wing on Level 3, the Four Nines Museum launch was attended by throngs of fans as well as several respected VIPs including Gilbert Tan, CEO of Eyewear Creations Group; Yuichi Iimura, CEO of 999.9 Japan; Dato’ CL Liaw, CEO of Focus Point Malaysia; and Dato’ Joyce Yao, CEO of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

four nines
L-R: Gilbert Tan, CEO of Eyewear Creations Group; Yuichi Iimura, CEO of 999.9 Japan; Dato CL Liaw of Focus Point Malaysia; and Dato’ Joyce Yao of Pavilion KL.

The distinguished guests in attendance were also among the first in the nation to set their sights on the extravagant G-10 model. A celebration of minimalist luxury, the entire frame, screws and pad arms of these very special glasses were in fact constructed using 18K solid gold. The price for this luxurious pair of stylish eyewear: a cool MYR38,888.

four nines

Asked to elaborate on the idea behind the new luxury model from Four Nines, the CEO explained: “Luxury  is not only about the materials used; it’s  also about ensuring that the functions behind the design will adapt to the user’s needs. This is one of the key pillars that we practice at Four Nines, especially when it comes to making the frames.”

Top & Bottom: NP-10BF and NPM-10BF. Both models are part of the Buffalo Horn range by Four Nines.

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As for his own personal favourite pair, Yuichi says he’s fond of wearing models from the Buffalo Horn range as it  offers him the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and durability. The key to its sturdy yet comfy design has to do with the signature Gyaku R hinge. Shaped like a reversed R, this patented hinge was specially designed to reduce the stress applied to the frame while also distributing the tension around the head. “Anyone familiar with buffalo horn frames knows that this material is very solid; without this patented hinge, it would be very difficult to wear these spectacles for long periods of time.”

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