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Discover a world of sophisticated driving fun in Bali with the new Mini Clubman and Mini Cabrio

As the famed Island of Gods, Bali’s majestic beauty spans beyond its diverse terrain, from imposing mountains and rugged coastlines to serene landscapes covered by lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides. Like many who have fallen prey to the island’s charm, I’ve previously set off to explore the sights and sounds of what Bali’s hotspots have to offer.

Just a week later, I’m presented with another opportunity to return to the sunny island, this time for a scenic Mini driving experience with its latest release – the new Mini Clubman and Mini Cabrio.

After navigating our way through Bali’s chaotic airport terminal, we head towards the conspicuous row of bright, bold Mini cars that will usher us to our lunch venue before we begin the rest of the day’s adventure. With three pieces of luggage in tow, we manage to fit them snugly inside the luggage compartment of a Mini Cooper S Clubman, an impressive feat considering how the new Clubman has been designed with clever space utilisation that comes in handy for road trips like the one we’re about to embark on.

I slide into the plush leather seat, noting the premium finishing of the diamond-pattern quilting and tasteful interior to match, similar to what you’ll come to expect from a BMW automobile, as the rebranded Clubman now prides itself on providing the ultimate luxury treatment in line with its refined brand philosophy. The car is practical enough to comfortably fit four of us and I sit back to enjoy the rest of the short journey as we cruise along the highway to our next destination.

Since its introduction in 1959, the Mini has enjoyed an enduring appeal; from representing the very essence of the youthful 1960s culture to the symbolic icon it is today, an emblem synonymous with image, style, creativity and passion. Though its Hollywood heydays widely associated with the classic remake of The Italian Job may be over, the Mini has moved past that adolescent stage and grown up to cater to a different fan base altogether. There’s a sense of mature confidence in the new Mini, as it is ready to enjoy its new debut equipped with impressive power and efficiency as well as significantly larger dimensions without compromising on the motoring mischief it has been closely associated with.

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