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Drop a dress size and look fitter with Vaser Shape, the latest in fat reduction technology introduced by Dermacare Aesthetic & Laser Clinic. By Candice Chan

Living in a society where beauty is defined by the narrowness of one’s waist, we’ve all lamented about that (growing) figure on the weighing scale. As the ravages of time set in, this process becomes more unbearable: The demise of youth leads to a sluggish metabolism rate and the loss of skin’s elasticity, which inadvertently results in the distortion of one’s body.
But there is help yet. To the uninitiated, the Vaser Shape MC1 available at Dermacare Aesthetic & Laser Clinic will be your best friend if you have ambitions to have supermodel body contours. It is the latest of non-invasive fat removal technology, a successor to the more popularly available methods of radiofrequency, mesotherapy, cryolipolysis and ultrasound that are used by dermatologists and aesthetic doctors worldwide.
The best part? The Vaser Shape MC1 does not only eliminate fat but also gets rid of the dreaded cellulite. Yes, cellulite. Vaser Shape MC1’s most impressive promise is its ability to smooth down dimpled skin caused by cellulite, something that almost all women (regardless of shape and size) is prone to. Its only setback is that it cannot deliver a one-step fat-busting miracle: It takes three to five sessions to achieve prolonged and visible results.
Like the other fat elimination treatments available at Dermacare, this one starts with a doctor’s consultation and is followed by an in-depth body fat analysis. It is then administered by a trained therapist and on the comfort of a bed in a private treatment room.
The process begins with a zonal massage therapy treatment using a gentle suction applicator that stimulates and promotes lymphatic drainage, resulting in increased metabolism and the elimination of toxins and fats. Another applicator then delivers ultrasonic diathermy to the targeted problem area, vibrating and heating the fats with the aim of reducing them.
In terms of comfort and pain tolerance, Vaser Shape MC1 is more comfortable than CoolSculpting and Liposonix, similar treatments that are also available at Dermacare. The whole process is relaxing and enjoyable, save for the occasional hot sensation during the ultrasound step. Naturally, no downtime at all is needed.
Whether it is undesirable love handles or flabby upper arms, bulges of fats that were previously immune to rigorous dieting and exercise can now be removed safely and effectively with Vaser Shape MC1.
But perhaps most reassuring is that its cellulite-busting capability brings ladies one step closer to attaining that once-elusive perfect body.