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Top tips from ghd Australasian Ambassador and award-winning hairstylist JAYNE WILD

WE’VE SPENT HOURS and hours ogling dozens of gorgeous hairstyles from runway and red carpet, but, frankly, we’re amazed by the messy-chic ‘do – something that’s tousled but won’t leave you looking frozen in the bushes or blown-out on the trail. Not only is this unfussy look perfectly acceptable post-Christmas and New Year’s, it’s brazenly sexy, stylish and easy to do. This carefree less-is-more look has been around for quite a while now. In the ’60s, French beauty Brigitte Bardot was known for her fabulously chic and tousled tresses. Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe brought the messy mane back into fashion during the boho-chic era of 2005, with paparazzi snapping celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Sienna Miller sporting the style. “This messy-chic style gives you different looks as the week progresses,” says Jayne Wild of Wild Life Hair in Sydney. “Everyone wants super-glossy hair that has got volume and actually feels like hair, not just something fried. Essentially what’s important is the texture of hair. I’m talking about moving and breathing hair,” she explains. “When you get up in the morning, spend however long you’ve got on your hair. The key is to practise styling it yourself and don’t use a mirror because it might confuse you; play around and do it all by feel. The dishevelled, just-got-out-of-bed look shouldn’t be all prim and proper,” Wild says. To achieve the messy chic look Wilde recommends using ghd stylers and hairdryers at home. Put a little heatprotector spray on clean, dry hair, take a one-inch-thick section and clip the rest of your hair up. Wrap each section of the hair with ghd Eclipse styler and thread the hair through the plates while you turn downwards, then let the section fall loosely. Secure the curl to the head with a pin clip, allowing it to set and cool down. Continue this method until the entire head is curled and clipped.

Now’s the time to get dressed and put on your make-up. Once the hair has cooled down, use the ghd Air on cool heat to allow the curls to set further. Gently remove the pins and shake your fingers through your hair to release the curls. Shake your hair by rubbing your finger pads on your scalp to create that out-of-bed look. And if you need the style to last for another few days, “Tie up your hair in a bun before you sleep so when you let it loose in the morning, it becomes more fluffy, giving you yet another undone look,” Wild explains. “It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the world, if your hair looks good, you’ll feel fabulous.”