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Twenty years with Laura Mercier

Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, Leong Ee Vonne caught up with Benjamin Ruiz, the Director of Laura Mercier Global Creative Artistry, to talk about the brand and also get some tips on achieving the signature Laura Mercier look.

Working with Laura Mercier in person

She truly is an artist, and I say that literally as she was a trained painter before she decided to shift her talent from the canvas to the face. Through all my years in the makeup industry, there is no one like Laura, no one who paints like her. Even the way she holds her brush, it’s spectacular! Every stroke is done with precision. I’ve only managed to copy her style after several years of close observation, yet it’s still not 100% Laura.

Favourite Laura Mercier piece

I absolutely adore the Secret Camouflage. I’ve once seen Laura using just this one product to create a beautiful flawless look on a girl who has terrible acne-scarred skin. Its versatility really blew me away. It’s highly suitable for those who look to conceal dark eye circles, blemishes and discolouration.

Must-have pieces

If you would like to put the focus on the eyes, you should definitely try the Caviar Stick Eye Colour. Word of advice, blend it immediately before it dries up because the colours will not budge no matter how you may rub it later. It can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow.

For the face, especially in this high humidity level, I would highly recommend the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (oil-free) and its Translucent Loose Setting Powder. The primer is oil-free and will give longevity to your makeup, while the loose powder helps extend the wear of your makeup and giving it that natural, velvety finish.

And for the lips, I would recommend our Crème Smooth Lip Colour or the new Velour Lovers Lip Colour. Both are long-lasting, rich in colour and swipe right onto your lips.

The signature Laura Mercier flawless face

At Laura Mercier, we celebrate natural beauty. Laura Mercier Cosmetics was established to benefit women of all ages and skin types, with colours created to satisfy the needs of all women, based on an always-current palette, as well as to provide a natural and flawless finish. At Laura Mercier, we encourage our clients to always be their authentic self and embrace their own unique beauty.

Makeup faux pas

Women with thick foundation; it really throws me off when I see women with thick foundation.

Difficult clients

The hardest clients are those who do not know what they want. My goal as a makeup artist is to get to the heart of your concern and help you discover your strength and weakness when selecting products, colours and application techniques. So if you want me to help you, you really need to know your personal best and educate yourself on making informed decisions: for example, understanding what you want to focus on.

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