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Jason Wu for Caudalíe

Although Caudalíe and Jason Wu are from different fields, both are committed to enhance the beauty of women. Thus, it is only natural for Jason Wu to give Caudalíe’s Beauty Elixir – a cult product favoured by make-up artists, beauty addicts and celebrities – a new makeover. 

Jason Wu for Caudalíe

“Jason Wu is a loyal customer of our Spa at The Plaza Hotel in New York and a fan of our Vinothérapie treatments, our products and more particularly our Beauty Elixir, which he systematically gives his make-up artists as part of backstage preparations for his fashion shows,” shares Mathilde Thomas, the creator of Caudalíe. “That was how we met. I discovered his work and fell in love with his style, so I naturally swooned over the idea to have him dress my Beauty Elixir.”

The Beauty Elixir was inspired by Queen Isabella of Hungary’s ‘elixir of youth’, which she used to achieve radiant complexion that managed to charm the King of Poland, who was 35 years her junior. When the recipe of such potion was found on the banks of the Seine, in Paris, Thomas, who was in the process of establishing Caudalíe, decided to rework the original formula and create a contemporary version, more in line with the expectations of today’s women.

And in 1997, the Beauty Elixir was born. “The Beauty Elixir is an impeccably crafted product. Both Caudalíe and Jason Wu have an emphasis on crafting luxurious products that have the utmost attention to detail,” explains Canadian artist and fashion designer Jason Wu, who is currently based in New York. “We connected in our first meeting. She discussed her inspiration behind the brand and we shared similar stories; my mother directly influenced where I am today and Mathilde’s family’s vineyard in Bordeaux is where Caudalíe was born,” announces Wu, adding that the partnership is also a treat to all Caudalíe’s loyal clients.

“When thinking about ‘dressing’ the bottle, I imagined how I intend to dress the Jason Wu woman, which is about refinement and sophistication. The lace—a code of the house, which I decided to apply to the outside of the Beauty Elixir bottle, is from my Spring/Summer 2016 collection,” reveals Wu. Taking a further look at the latest signature bottle, it is clear that five individual laces, each incredibly delicate and seamed together by hand, were embroidered together to form one piece. “I felt like this piece really embodied both brands in terms of craftsmanship and rare beauty. We had to re-create the pattern by hand to dress the bottle,” says Wu.

Needless to say, Thomas was so impressed by the intricate detail of the lace that she knew it would fit perfectly on the bottle. “For the design of the cap, we went with a signature gold accent on the Jason Wu Diane Bag. The result is a fine, sophisticated, luxurious object reflecting the world of fashion,” she says.

BEAUTY ELIXIR Jason Wu Edition comes in two sizes: 30ml & 100ml. It will be officially launched and made available on August 15 in all stores and on