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Handmade Creation

Get ready to set the mood this season by adding an air of sophistication with Jo Malone’s most coveted candles.

Stepping into Jo Malone’s boutique is like entering a black-and-white heaven that smells of memories and garden. While many acknowledge the British label for its bespoke scent and the art of fragrance combining, Jo Malone’s candle has some of the most beautiful backstories in the luxury scene.

“Jo Malone, we take our scent very seriously. For the longest of time, we did not produce a Lime Basil & Mandarin candle because we couldn’t make the cologne work in the same way we wanted it to,” shares Debbie Wild, the lifestyle director of Jo Malone, adding that no fragrance burns in exactly the same way and their waxes are custom-blended for a specific scent and then paired with the perfect wick. “It is amazing how we as a global brand still hand produce our candles in a converted dairy in Dorset. Creating a candle can take two years of creative planning and development, which involves intensive testing and blending. The end product just has to be as beautiful as the cologne itself. We call it the alchemy of candles.”

With over 400 varieties of lead-free wicks at its disposal, it is clear that Jo Malone takes its candle-making business very seriously. The wick is the heart of the candle and is vital to the candle’s performance. As its main purpose is to draw the liquid wax up through its core, the selection of wick with a different core is important as each fragrance incorporated into the wax burns differently.

Furthermore, the flame must also consume the components of the wax at the same rate as the fragrance. Burning too fast may cause the amount of the botanicals left in the remaining wax to increase, thus resulting the candle to go out; burning too slow will result in tunnelling (when a rim of wax develops and surrounds the centre of the candle).

However, when a candle formulation has been finalised, the testing and monitoring continue as a different harvest of raw materials could affect the end production. So the next time you burn a Jo Malone candle, close your eyes and recollect the backstory of these very British candles. Especially when you are luxuriating in Jo Malone’s latest Basil & Neroli candle, handmade with love in the English countryside. You cannot help but fall in love with the brand.