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Behind The Beauty Of Asian Skincare

Glowing skin is always in.

Skincare is more than just a routine, a hobby or a treat. It’s a lifestyle, and that’s especially true in Asia. From daily Korean facial sheets to serums that tighten up the contours of the face, there’s no step missed by the market. We spoke to Mr. Jean Marie Le Roy, Executive Vice President North & South East Asia of Clarins Group about the trends of skincare in Asia and where they’re headed next.

Mr. Jean Marie Le Roy, Executive Vice President North & South East Asia of Clarins Group

We keep hearing the term ‘Asian skin’. How would you define that? 

There isn’t just one skin type that we see in Asia, and I would say that trending skincare in a specific country is heavily influenced by its climate. That’s why at Clarins we focus on textures instead of skin concerns. For example, when it’s -12º in Korea during winter, extra rich creams are more popular than light serums. One thing that is certain in Asia is that skin brightening is the main skincare tendency and interestingly, you don’t see that as much elsewhere in the world. I’ve also found that serums are well loved in the Asian market.

Whitening is something we thankfully, don’t see anymore. Has the market shifted?

Many people took whitening to mean changing the skin tone when it was really just mislead marketing. These products have always been about brightening the skin. Today we’ve become more precise with the brightening action in skincare formulas, even going as specific as corrector pens for dark spots.

There’s the 10 step Korean skin care routine, but is there an approach suitable for Malaysian lifestyle and weather?

I would recommend the Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi-Protection SPF50. You can keep it in your bag and reapply it every half an hour if you’re out, even over a full face of makeup. The texture of this product is very light and melts into the skin. It’s a little known fact that Clarins was actually the first in the world to incorporate and anti-pollution complex into makeup in 1991, and that’s definitely helpful too.

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What’s currently trending in the Asian beauty market?

There will always be the products that are here to stay, and for Clarins in Asia that’s our top seller Clarins Double Serum. Another key product is the Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum. This product was developed after Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the founder of Clarins, would chat to Japanese customers visiting Paris about their skin concerns, and realised a need for something that can help give you that ‘V’ face shape. I can’t reveal anything right now, but we have a new version of this launching in spring of next year!

What do you think will be the next big beauty trend in Asia?

In the past we’ve seen the rise of BB cream and then the CC cream, although the latter didn’t last too long. Foundation is having its year and it’s only going to keep growing. First there was the cushion which comes from Korea; a new way to apply foundation. Next year, we’re launching a new foundation line called Skin Illusion for the ‘you don’t see it’ look. It’s a very even veil. We’ll be  offering a full assortment of over 20 shades for Skin Illusion. Lips will continue to have its moment and that’s perfect for the Clarins Water Lip Stain which is 300 kisses-proof, and the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil which sells very well in Japan and Korea.

Finally, with the holiday season coming up, any tips for trying out a fun new look? 

You’ll need to glow so pamper your skin with the Clarins Double Serum! It contains turmeric in a formula of 21 plant extracts which will definitely make your skin glow. For makeup, we have a very exciting Christmas collection. There are gold flakes in the Clarins Gold Mascara top coat for sparkly gold eyelashes, as well as in the Clarins Christmas 2018 Red Berry Glam Lip Oil.

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