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The Untrodden Mind

Through his work, sculptor and humanist Richard Texier helps reconcile nature and the cosmos with contemporary life

The chance to discover contemporary French sculptor Richard Texier’s monumental works is possible from now till October 20, 2013 as 11 of his bronze sculptures have been erected, for the first time, along Singapore’s liveliest street Orchard Road. The very public exhibit is all part of the exhibition The Universe of the Abstract Masters and Richard Texier, which is being staged by the Opera Gallery to coincide with the Singapore Grand Prix.

Born in 1955, the Parisian is known for his surrealistic style that is often guided by his studies into the mysteries of the universe — namely, the vast oceans and unexplored cosmos. Each artwork is thus laden with symbolism and hidden meaning, which demand to be unravelled layer by layer.

The Angel bear sculptures, which Texier describes as his “very own ecological messenger[s]”, for example, echo mankind’s sudden attention to our deteriorating biosphere, while Unicorna commemorates the hybridisation of ancient Chinese mythology and Western belief about the mythical unicorn, reflecting the artist’s nomadic tendencies in cities rich with culture.

Perhaps more exemplary of Texier’s quest for a world that continuously coalesces — be it knowledge, people, traditions or cultures — is Sens de l’art. Taking the form of a creature riding a chariot (as if it were a Roman god), it depicts the ripening process of art since the 20th century and offers opportunities for Singaporeans to explore Texier’s personal metaphors of art.

The gallery portion of The Universe of the Abstract Masters and Richard Texier held at the Opera Gallery (ION Orchard, #03-05) also showcases rare works by renowned artists such as Joan Miro, George Mathieu and Zao Wou Ki up till October 13, 2013.