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Chang Fee Ming – “Terengganu: Selaut Kasih, Sepantai Sayang” Exhibition

Born in Terengganu, Malaysia in 1959, Chang Fee Ming is a self-taught artist who has become one of Asia’s most highly regarded artists working in watercolour. Though he has travelled widely and his work series are an A to Z of globetrotting, Chang attachment to his birthplace has always led him to return with unfailing regularity.

“Terengganu: Selaut Kasih, Sepantai Sayang” is a major exhibition of unparalleled size and presence by this master of microcosm, with a theme firmly anchored in his home state. Showcasing 70 paintings from more than 30 collections, accompanied by rare sketches, Chang and his works are finally in Kuala Lumpur.

A chronicle of the fishing communities that are an integral part of his home state, Chang has skilfully weaved visual stories around the frequently overlooked lives of the fishermen, using textiles, which are the essence of aesthetics on the East Coast, to an extent that cannot be matched by any other Malaysian artist. The Terengganu coast and its communities are fully explored, winning him, even more, admirers from among those who seek social commentary as well as a visual fiesta.

“Whatever Terengganu will be in the future, I will always try to paint her because she is a part of me” – Chang Fee Ming

Chang Fee Ming – “Terengganu: Selaut Kasih, Sepantai Sayang” Exhibition is held at the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery from 17 March to 17 July 2016.