Kwee Brothers


Pontiac Land
Net worth: US$6 bil
Philanthropic focus: Education, the Arts, Public Service 教育、艺术、公共服务
The billionaire brothers focus their giving on education and art, with chairman Kwee Liong Tek's oldest daughter Melissa as the public face of the family's philanthropy. Eldest brother Kwee Liong Keng is on the SBF Foundation's board, launched by Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong last November to spur philanthropy in the local business community. 两位富豪兄弟关注教育与艺术,主席郭良德长女郭美雯,负责家族慈善事业。在公共服务领域做出贡献。大哥郭良景是SBF基金会董事。去年十一月,该基金会由新加坡总理李显龙推动成立,旨在带动本地商界做慈善。