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5 Reasons to Visit Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox, Ismaya’s new restaurant, is a casual eatery serving international comfort food and fancy cocktails

Mr. Fox, the newest addition to Ismaya Group’s family, has been gaining quite a buzz since its recent opening at SCBD’s Energy Building. The 150-seater casual restaurant boasts a contemporary take on Art Deco interior, and serving “international comfort food” – which means favourites from different countries. Staples on the menu include Korean BBQ Short Ribs and Edamame Nori Salad. Serving mostly the working yuppies, Mr. Fox is very strong on drinks too, with carefully-planned concoctions by an experienced Sydney mixologist.

Korean BBQ Short Ribs

Besides keeping up with Instagram buzz, here are 5 reasons why Mr. Fox deserves a visit (or two).

The refreshing decor

Walking into Mr. Fox, which is conceptualised as a home of the imagined character, almost feels like entering a Wes Anderson set. Faded green is a dominant colour, with brass accents that create an elegant setting. Intimacy is built rightaway, with lighted signboards saying “Mr. Fox loves you”, and pictures of Mr. Fox with his friends and family strategically placed around the space. It also feels different from other Ismaya outlets, in a good way. Overall, the space is both grown-up as well as personal. Kudos to Bitte, a design studio no stranger to Ismaya, on this one.

The crickets

KFC (Krunchy Fried Cricket)

Mr. Fox elevates crickets from a notorious Bangkok street food into a fancy appetizer. Appearing as KFC (Krunchy Fried Cricket) on the menu, the dish has undoubtedly got its Instagram spotlight. Digital buzz aside, the cricket actually tastes pretty decent. It might look intimidating, as the cricket is presented as is, but the strong flavours in the sticky sauce it is cooked in successfully diminishes any smell. The taste reminds one of the traditional orek tempe typically served alongside nasi uduk. The texture is, as its name suggests, crunchy. The said sauce is sweet and spicy, and works well with the accompanying tempe crispy.

The coy cocktails

The idea of Mr. Fox as a flamboyant social figure is backed up by his friends and family, as seen on the cocktail menu. Bartenders would likely offer Madame St. Germaine and Captain Cori. In general, the cocktails are a win based on two things: presentation and concoctions. On the former, gimmicks include torched fruits, a message in a bottle and a mermaid-shaped glass. The later represents Ismaya’s vast knowledge and maturity on drinks. It’s an added bonus to chat with the knowledgeable and sleek baristas. Word has it, one of the pre-requisite of being a barista there is the ability to “flirt”.

Vegetarian options

Vegetarian menu tend to make one think of smoothies bar and rabbit food. Mr. Fox seems to try to change that. They have quite a selection on vegetarian comfort food, including Roasted Eggplant, Tofu Mentsuyu and Mezze Platter (hummus, beetroot, baba ganoush and buckwheat tabouleh). On other items, guests could also inquire on vegetarian options, to which the friendly female chef would be more than happy to provide.

Fancy breakfast menu

Since the end of August, Mr. Fox is serving breakfast, daily from 8 AM to noon. Besides catchy twists like Bulgogi Benedict and Es Teler Smoothie Bowl, the selection includes vegetarian options like Foxy French Toast (passion fruit, lemon curd, matcha powder, coconut gelato).

Loukoumades (black and white Greek donuts)

Mr. Fox | The Energy Building, Ground Floor. Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 , South Jakarta | 8 AM – 1 AM daily | +6221 5296 1999 | @hello.mrfox

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