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Roosevelt: De La House’s First Steakhouse Specialising in Wood-fired Grill Meat!

Why the foodies love to chill and dine here

Roosevelt, the latest and most upscale dining venue to be opened by De la House, is the first steakhouse of the brand specialising in wood-fired grill meat!

An elevator takes Prestige to the top floor of the newly opened boutique hotel Goodrich Suites in Antasari, south Jakarta. Not a typical area for stylish dining, but on this eighth-floor, diners can find an intriguing restaurant and bar with an equally interesting name, Roosevelt. This saloon-like eatery is the latest venture of De La House, a group known for its hip lounges and restaurants, such as Leon, Parc 19, Goldstein and Twenty-Fifth. Roosevelt looks somewhat like a lavish gentleman’s lair with its inviting couches and armchairs.

With its red-brick walls, the venue has a rustic industrial look and it offers abundant natural light during the day. The venue provides a total of 190 seats. In addition to the dining room there is a private cigar room and a balcony. Just like the rest of De La House’s establishments, Roosevelt has a DJ booth, along with a set of musical equipment. The cocktails are an important part of the Roosevelt experience, as you might expect. At Rp 165,000 each, the list of signature mixes includes the bittersweet Rose Nectar, a light rum with rosemary syrup, while the sour Smoking Barrel is a dark rum with grilled tangerine and Grand Marnier.

“What makes Roosevelt stand out for foodies? This is our first steakhouse, specialising in wood-red grilled meat,” says 44-year old Executive Chef Bobby Zean, whose resume includes stints with Holiday Inn and Tetsuya in Sydney, and managing a family restaurant in Ishikawa, Japan. He was once personal chef to Indonesia’s former first lady, the late Ainun Habibie. Chef Zean brings two of his prized starters to the table: vibrant roasted kabocha (Rp 65,000) and Seacuterie (Rp 140,000). The rest is Japanese pumpkin salad with sweet coconut cream, semi-dried tomato and arugula. His Seacuterie consists of fresh-cut miso cured salmon, Provencal hamachi and yuzu tuna. Both dishes are refreshing, featuring strong Japanese flavours.

The wood-fire grill section of the menu includes three dry-aged Stockyard steak dishes: bone-in ribeye (1 kg at Rp 1.2 million), t-bone (400 g at Rp 450,000) and tomahawk (1 kg at Rp 1 million); and two Tajima selections: ribeye (dry-aged, 300 g at Rp 600,000) and striploin (400 g at Rp 500,000). Originating from the Tajima district of Hyogo with a 100-year history, Tajima beef is famed for its velvety texture and excellent marbling. Seasoned with salt and pepper, and dressed with lemon juice and hollandaise sauce, it’s simply delicious.

The lunch menu, available from 11am to 5pm, includes ropa vieja (Rp 90,000), a new take on a Cuban classic. “It’s basically pulled stewed beef with rice,” says Chef Zean. “But at Roosevelt, we serve it with a home-made bun, egg and fries. Our cheese spaghetti (Rp 160,000) is for those who want to sample our 90-day Tajima beef fillet, served on top of creamy parmesan spaghetti.”

Duck breast (Rp 120,000) is another of the chef’s specialities. He cooks it medium-rare and serves it sashimi-style with chili soy dipping sauce and ginger rice. Dessert choices include Berries Minestrone (Rp 65,000) and white chocolate and mango fruit lava (Rp 75,000).


Goodrich Suites, 8th Floor Jl. Pangeran Antasari No. 60 South Jakarta
Tel: (+6221) 2793 7122

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 11pm–1am Saturday to Sunday: 8am–1am

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