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Finest taste of Indonesian cuisine at Daun Muda by Andrea Paresthu

Daun Muda soul food by Andrea Peresthu, the latest venture by Javanegra Group, highlights the rich flavour of Indonesian cuisine. Handayani Tanuwijaya reports.

Daun Muda soul food by Andrea Peresthu, the latest venture by Javanegra Group, highlights the rich flavour of Indonesian cuisine. Handayani Tanuwijaya reports.

A huge plate comes to a table at Daun Muda Soulfood on Jl. Aditiawarman, its aroma of herbs and spices instantly filling the room of hungry customers. Chef Andrea Peresthu never ceases to amaze diners, Prestige writers included. The plate he served contained a generous portion of nasi goreng kambing (lamb fried rice) topped off with a perfectly cooked lamb shank bone. The Nasi Goreng Kambing (Rp 220,000) a la Chef Peresthu features only the finest New Zealand lamb, so the freshness and tenderness of the meat are guaranteed. But the focal point of this reinvented classic dish is in its amazing taste.

Nasi Goreng Kambing

The flavour is so rich and savoury—like how a lamb fried rice should be. It’s an exquisite dining experience! Truly, Chef Peresthu isn’t only about filling hungry stomachs, The serving of this bestselling dish is generous; meant for 2-3 people. It is served with sambal ijo, slices of fresh tomatoes and emping crackers. It’s not a signature item at this casual dining restaurant for nothing. The 75-seat Daun Muda restaurant is the latest venture and the first Indonesian restaurant by Chef Peresthu.

He is the chef behind Javanegra Group who manages acclaimed restaurants like Javanegra Gourmet Atelier, Ático, 212 Taverna, Barrels in Bali and Cielo 37o in Yogyakarta. Most of them are offering Spanish cuisine, inspired by his over 15-year residency in Europe, including Barcelona.

Aneka Kerang Rebus

He served as an Assistant Professor in Urban & Regional Planning at Delft University of Technology in Netherlands but his passion for cooking and enjoying good food, wines and coffee has eventually turned him into a gourmand. He then met Reni Alhadad and Aphrodite Firia (former co-founder) and founded Javanegra Gourmet Atelier in 2012.

Daun Muda pays homage to Chef Peresthu’s roots, offering dishes from Palembang, Manado and Arab Malaysia from Sumatera east coast. It is what he cooks daily at his house and luckily now diners can savour them at Daun Muda. The name of the restaurant (literally means “green/fresh leaf”) shows what he’s trying to serve – a playground of fresh Indonesian herbs and spices.

Another huge plate was served on our table and this time it is from seafood section –aneka kerang rebus (Rp 150,000). Unlike the typical dishes, Daun Muda doesn’t use kerang darah or red clams. Instead they take clams from the deep sea for a fresher flavour. It comes with hot red chili sauce and best eaten with friends as it has generous portion. The other dish served was kerang kampak bakar (Rp 45,000/each), grilled scallop served with a slice of lime.

Manadonese food is not missed out on the menu. Sate Ayam Manado (Rp 120,000) served with sambal dabu-dabu is available too. Food from this region is famous for its spiciness so be prepared because this chicken satay lives up to that. But diners shouldn’t worry though because the spiciness doesn’t dominate the palate. It is one of the many reasons why Daun Muda stands out –there is a balance of flavour in every dish.

Sate Ayam Menado

For beverage, kopi tubruk is highly recommended. Daun Muda tapped Javanegra, known as a major coffee beans supplier in Indonesia, to serve strong coffee.

Daun Muda also has private dining room on the second floor. It can accommodate up to 60 people and the menu can be customised with other Javanegra restaurants.

Daun Muda Soulfood by Andrea Peresthu
Jl. Aditiawarman No.24 Kebayoran Baru

South Jakarta
Tel: +62 822 9777 7136
Open daily from 11am11pm

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