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WANT: Apple Watch Hermès 3

Apple Watch Hermès 3 is a way to leave your phone at home, in style

At this day and age, leaving one’s smartphone behind is daunting. Appointments, entertainment, needless say social media, are all stored in the phone. Life, as we know it, revolves around it.

What if there was a device, attached to your body, that allowed you to do everything you do on the phone, but without the actual phone?

Apple Watch 3 promises to do just that. But if the smartwatch is too geeky for you, Hermès comes into the picture. The maison has renewed its collaboration with Apple, which manifests into stylish smartwatch for different needs.

All watches run on WatchOS 4, with a dual-core processor that is faster than its predecessor. It features GPS and cellular functions, stainless steel case and ceramic back, also retina display.

The Apple Watch Hermès 3 is on sale September 22.

Single Tour Rallye and Single Tour Èperon d’Or

Dedicated to the fuss-free individuals, the black watch has a 42-mm case in an all-black facade. Alternatively, the Single Tour Èperon d’Or features a quirky band printed with the said scarf motif in calfskin. The latter model is presented in 38 or 42 mm case.

Single and Double Tour

If you’re into elegant colours, chances are you’d like the bordeaux and indigo-coloured bands on this one. The Single Tour is available both 38 and 42 mm, with bands available separately. The Double Tour only comes in 38 mm, but with longer band for double arm-wrap.

Single Tour Deployment Buckle

Comes in 42 mm case, the band on this model is made of Barénia calfskin. The new colour on this model is a special kind of dark brown called ébène, and it has a stainless steel clasp besides buckle.

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