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Limited Edition: Omega 1957 Trilogy

Omega revisits its iconic 1957 creations – the Seamaster 300, the Railmaster and the Speedmaster – and bring the three together

The year was 1957. War had ended and life was a celebration. In fact, a team of researchers at Warwick University published a study stating that the year was the happiest, in history, for England. To commemorate such a celebratory year, Omega launched three models, dedicated to the professionals. Throughout the decades, the Seamaster 300, the Speedmaster and the Railmaster would go on the become classics.

Essentially a dive watch, the Seamaster 300 was tested to go beyond 200 meters. The watch was equipped with an external rotating bezel that indicated dive time. The Railmaster was a continuation of the official call for anti-magnetic pilots’ watches in the 50s. The follow-up was an anti-magnetic watch for civilians, released in 1957.  The Speedmaster was designed with racers in mind. It went on to become the first watch worn on the moon – by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Sixty years after their launch, Omega revisits the iconic models. 

To create a precise replica, Omega uses an X-ray scanning technology called “tomography”. Over 3000 radiographic images of a sample – in this case an OMEGA 1957 original – are taken as it rotates 360˚ (that’s just over 8 images per degree of rotation). Once each scan is complete, an ingenious piece of software recombines these multiple projections to create a virtual 3D model of the watch, which can then be used to observe and measure the timepiece; inside, outside and from every angle.

The Seamaster 300 Limited Edition Master Chronometer 39 mm

Omega Seamaster 1957

The 2017 model, based on the CK2913, features a black aluminium bezel and retains the original’s Naïad sign on the crown, which back in 1957 was a mark of the watch’s exceptional water resistance. It is powered by the Master Chronometer 8806.

The Railmaster Limited Edition Master Chronometer 38 mm

Omega Railmaster 1957

The new model retains the original style, but the inside is now powered by the Master Chronometer 8806, which can resist magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss.

The Speedmaster 38.6 mm

Omega Speedmaster 1957

The original tachymeter scale remains in the new model. Back in 1957, the Speedmaster was the first chronograph wristwatch in the world with its tachymeter on the bezel as opposed to printed on the dial. On the inside, the watch features Omega’s 1861 calibre.

The 557-piece limited edition Trilogy box

Collectors will be delighted to discover that Omega has launched a 557-piece limited edition Trilogy box. Inside the Swiss oak wood box, the three legendary watches lie side by side, complemented by three extra straps and three NATO straps for customisation.

The article is brought to you by Omega.

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