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WATCH: Adinia Wirasti <3 Chanel J12

Adinia Wirasti took her Chanel J12 to her favourite weekend getaway destination, Yogyakarta

This year, Chanel J12 watch turns 17. The ceramic watch that exudes casual elegance embodies Mademoiselle Chanel’s spirit – chic, understated, and celebrates duality in each personality. Hence, the watch’s white and black facade, or what the house calls “two sides of the same vision”.

The sophisticated watch has just been updated. The new J12 XS is made of ceramic, steel and diamonds that set its bracelet. Its diameter is distinctively smaller at 19 mm.

Showcasing its sporty yet elegant personality is Adinia Wirasti, a silver screen darling that would prefer to be called “artist” rather than “thespian”. Asti took her J12 to her favourite weekend getaway: Yogyakarta. Also the city where Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 (2016) was shot, Asti visited some of her go-to haunts while in the city.

Starting her day early, she cycled around Bale Hinggil, a quaint neighborhood just outside the city. Her leisured wander took her to Immaculata Book Store, her favourite place to find Indonesian literature and secondhand gems. She continued her journey to the pulse of the city, Keraton Yogyakarta, Taman Sari and Malioboro Ketandan.

Then came a short afternoon break at a hidden coffee shop, a quiet time she used to select photos from her favourite camera. Then, she ended her day visiting a Wayang Kulit, a traditional shadow puppetry, workshop, even trying to be a puppet master herself.

Watch how the Chanel J12 complements Adinia’s dynamic sides – both masculine and feminine – in the video below.

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