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The new Hublot’s Big Bang models for the World Cup 2018!

Hublot partners with FIFA for the World Cup and introduces new Big Bang models!

Hublot partners with FIFA for the World Cup and introduces new Big Bang models! One of the most talked-about spectacles at this year’s Baselworld was when Hublot literally kicked things off with a mini soccer match. Of course, even a “friendly” game can have its intense moments, especially when it pits legendary players like Roberto Carlos and Robbie Keane in teams managed by competitors like Diego Maradona and José Mourinho. Maradona’s side also included FIFA President Gianni Infantino, while Mourinho called on French artist Richard Orlinski, who created the design for Hublot’s Classic Fusion Aerofusion Chronograph Orlinski, and former Olympic Games champion sprinter Usain Bolt.

Despite the immense star power present on the small football pitch, the real highlight of the evening was strapped to the wrist of international referee Nicola Rizzoli: the Hublot Big Bang Referee 2018 World Cup Russia Connected Watch.

Hublot has established many collaborations with colourful figures and major events in the world of soccer over the years. Now, as official timekeeper of the biggest event for the sport, Hublot has created the perfect watch for the ultimate World Cup aficionado. In short, the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia allows its wearer to never miss a decisive moment of this year’s event.

First of all, the dial of the watch can be customized to show the colours of participating nations: There are 32 dials inspired by national flags plus two neutral options. More importantly, once the 2018 World Cup begins this June, this digital Big Bang will announce matches 15 minutes before kick-off. Every time a goal is scored, a red or yellow card is given out or a player substitution occurs, the watch will display a notification. And as the match unfolds, the watch will display statistics including score, number of cards, the names of goal-scorers, player substitutions and match time.

It’s interesting to note that referees at the World Cup will also wear the Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Of course, their watches will have additional functionalities, such as connection to goal-line technology, which is an electronic video assistance system that follows the trajectories of balls in play and is used to determine if a ball entirely crosses a goal line or not.

The Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, in a limited edition of 2,018 pieces, also enjoys all the functions of a high-end smart watch equipped with Google’s Wear OS. It can easily synchronize with most Android or iOS smartphones while charging is accomplished through a convenient contact charger.

This digital Big Bang comes with a 49mm titanium case and an impressive bezel decorated by six H-shaped screws. In fact, when one of the analogue dials is on display, the watch could easily pass for an automatic Big Bang. Finally, two strap options are available, a lined rubber model and a sponge sport strap emblazoned with Hublot’s logo and the 2018 FIFA World Cup emblem. And thanks to the patented One Click system, changing the straps takes only seconds.

The rest of Hublot’s novelties at Baselworld 2018 are no less interesting. They showcase the brand’s penchant for introducing innovative materials to watchmaking.

Take the Big Bang Sapphire Tourbillon. Hublot is already a pioneer in shaping and colouring beautiful sapphire cases. For 2018, the brand takes it to completely new level with a watch that is completely transparent: The case, dial, strap and even the tourbillon is essentially clear. Only a few metallic gears mar the illusion of invisibility.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the Big Bang Unico Red Magic. This is another world’s first for Hublot—the first vibrantly coloured ceramic case, to be exact. And for this innovative breakthrough—which also resulted in improved hardness rating compared to other ceramic watches—the brand has selected a vivid red that is further enhanced with a polished finish for a truly expressive timepiece.

Last but most definitely not least, we also have new iterations from the Hublot x Berluti collaboration. Combining the latter’s mastery of bespoke leather and the former’s expertise in metal, the Classic Fusion Berluti chronograph now offers a Burgundy red calf leather dial encased in a King Gold (Hublot’s proprietary gold alloy) case along with an ocean blue dial in a titanium case. Essentially, these timepieces ask the question: What’s more luxurious than a Hublot watch or a Berluti leather piece?

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