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3 Must-Have Luxury Watches that Protect the Environment

Having the pleasure of getting a luxurious watch and contributing to the environment at the same time

According to a study by McKinsey & Co, it appears that “consumers with an ever-growing knowledge and interest in sustainability have more power now than ever before”. Although, luxury watches often feature precious stones, leather, and metals that come with a heavy cost to the environment. Nevertheless, the luxurious watch companies have intensified their social responsibilities’ programs regarding the environmental issues. Here are the latest watches and companies in 2018 that have furtherly committed to reaching its sustainability goals.


Omega has created a sporty wristwatch as a tribute to GoodPlanet Foundation and the positive work it does for the environment and underwater ecosystem. The Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M GoodPlanet GMT features a bold blue bi-directional rotating bezel with an orange-lacquered diving scale, and is engraved with “GoodPlanet Foundation”. Omega has committed a portion of the watch’s proceeds to fully funding projects to preserve the mangroves and seagrasses in Southeast Asia and educating local populations about conserving important natural resources.

The Fifty Fathoms Ocean Commitment III. Its first series were introduced four years ago and followed by BOC II in 2016.

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On the occasion of the World Oceans Day, Blancpain and its President & CEO, Marc A. Hayek, has unveiled the world premiere of their third series of Blancpain Ocean Commitment (BOC) limited edition diving watches, The Fifty Fathoms Ocean Commitment III. By purchasing one of these 250 timepieces, each client contributes to Blancpain’s participation in the cause of ocean protection. The brand commits to donate 1,000 € for the sale of each watch, implying a total of 250,000 €added to Blancpain’s much larger support.

Superocean Heritage II B01 Chronograph 44 with blue dial and Ocean Classic steel bracelet.


Corporate social responsibility is one of Breitling’s central tenets and we believe in the power of “doing well in doing good.” They aim to become carbon neutral and engage in environmental missions such as our recent engagement with Ocean Conservancy, a non-governmental organization dedicated to leading the global fight for a healthy ocean and clean beaches. Breitling also formed two squads that each consists of three professionals in their respective fields to reach the common goals: Surfers Squad and Explorers Squad. The concept focuses on the bond created between people brought together by a shared endeavour and common goal and will be presented in Breitling’s advertising campaigns.

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