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Travel Talk with David Soong

The man behind travel photography company Sweet Escape tells us what it takes to get good holiday photos

Travel Talk with David Soong

What does it take to get good holiday photos?

The above probably is one of the most current conundrums in the age of social media. David Soong, seasoned photographer and founder of wedding photography company Axioo, believes that he has it figured out. With his travelling and photography portfolio, David started Sweet Escape, a travel photography company.

The idea is to provide a personal photographer for travellers, to make sure they have a proper documentation of their picturesque holiday. How it works is each traveller could book a local photographer in over 250 cities across five continents for a photo session through Sweet Escape website or application.

The local photographer would recommend a “hidden gem” in each city for the photo session, and two weeks later, travellers will get selected, edited photos from their holiday. Instead of grainy selfies, they get a magazine-worth style shoot.

Exclusively for Prestige, David shares his tried and tested holiday photography tips. Also, his top destinations of the year. Watch the video above to know his insight on travelling!


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