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The Splendour of Palembang by Prodotti

Honouring the culture of ancient Palembang, Agam Riadi created a glamorous oriental table setting at Prodotti Indonesia.

The rich culture of Indonesia is always intriguing for interior designer Agam riadi. For this dinner table setting at Prodotti Indonesia, he was inspired by the oriental legacy of ancient Palembang in Sumatra. Red, black and gold dominated the colour scheme as Riadi created a dinner table setting for eight people.

“This setting is for a casual or formal dining occasion at someone’s residence,” said Riadi. “I chose red because it is the most-used colour in Palembang culture. It also enhances the oriental atmosphere to the setting.”

A glamour oriental table setting

The designer started by placing a black silk table runner on a Fang dining table by Giorgetti and putting five gold antique baskets in the centre. Each basket was filled with fresh red roses. Among these, Riadi placed red rose bouquets and small red bowls filled with red rose petals and candles.

“To create a different composition, i stacked two books to give more height to some ornaments at the centre,” said Riadi, who enjoys collecting antiques. Pieces from his own collection, including a Palembang antique bokor and vintage rattan basket, were used for the setting.

At the same time as evoking the splendour of Palembang and the Sriwijaya period, Riadi used the table setting as an opportunity to pay tribute to the late interior designer Jaya Ibrahim, whose legacy and example he greatly admires.

Palembang antique basket as the centrepiece

“He was a legend and his signature style had a strong sense of Indonesian culture,” said Riadi. “In that spirit, I was referring to Palembang culture by using an antique basket as a centrepiece. I also used Jaya classics furniture throughout the room.”

Riadi believes that a successful table setting is not only about the elements on the table, but also about the look of the whole room. In this setting, he combined the modern and conventional elements. For the conventional elements, he chose antique Chinese painting reproduction as a backdrop. At the side of the room, a dynasty Ming-inspired horse sculpture were placed onto a Jaya classics Teja sideboard, along with a gold bokor filled with red roses. Across the other side, he placed a chin glass cabinet by Jaya Classics. Inside the cabinet were Palembang rattan baskets and several old books.

Timur pendant lamp by Melogranoblu (available at Prodotti)

A modern element came from the chandelier. A Timur pendant lamp with shining blown Murano clear glass by Melogranoblu was chosen to complete the whole look. “I was drawn to its long silk black coloured tassels fringes. They accentuated the oriental element and gave a dramatic effect.” To match the black tassels, he used white napkin with a black coloured list on the edge. The curtain and fabric wall panel by Calissa Home Fashion were also in black and gold.

For the tableware, Riadi chose the Vista Alegre Domo Gold series. The same brand was used for the coffee cup and the tea cup. “I’d like to have a variation, so each guest might enjoy coffee or tea,” explained riadi. At the side of each plate was silver cutlery by Topazio.

Vista Alegre Domo Gold Series & Topazio Cutlery (available at Prodotti)

“I like to combine modern and traditional Asian elements,” said Riadi of his design style. “This table setting was simple yet elegant. For a finishing touch, the sound of Gending Sriwijaya would be nice.”


Photography Tony Narotama