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Quadra Makes Porcelain with Green Concept

Quadra, home to world’s biggest porcelain slabs, thinks green in all of its production steps

Quadra, home to world’s biggest porcelain slabs, prides itself on its green thinking. In all of its production steps, Quadra uses energy-saving technologies from Italy. To ensure an all-round green ways of doing business, the company puts extra effort in its transportation method. The results are sustainable products that last as long as the building does.

The existence of Quadra was initiated by the scarcity of finishing materials for walls and flooring in high-end buildings. To fill in the gap, the company produces a wide range of designs with its porcelain slabs – three options for marble-inspired designs and two for Basaltina/Sandstone-inspired designs. All options are available in two surface choices – matte and polished – in four different sizes. This month, Quadra is launching more porcelain slab options in colours, designs, surfaces and textures. 

Besides the high-quality material, Quadra boasts versatility with its thin slabs, which allow for easy application on just about any surface, horizontal and vertical. The slabs are also fuss-free, and easy to clean with water and any household cleansers.  

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