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Latest introductions to the world’s most extravagant

Luxurious versions of everyday items are popping up around the world and here are the latest few.

1. Royal Coffee Maker, from Royal Paris

This is possibly the world’s most extravagant coffee maker. Designed by Royal Paris in collaboration with French artist Jean-Luc Rieutort, the Royal Coffee Maker, which appeared in the luxury market early this year, is painstakingly handcrafted over more than 50 hours. Each coffee maker is created from either 24k gold, copper or silver, with a semi-precious black obsidian, azurite or malachite base, and comes with a Baccarat crystal carafe and burner vase. To further add to the extravagance, your initials, family crest or name can be engraved on it. Oh and if you enjoy customising your own cuppa, this contraption allows you to add liqueurs and spices before the brew. Because of the long hours of labour required, only eight numbered pieces are produced each month and will set you back between €9,500 and €17,000.


2. Platinum Sphere Moisturiser, from Kuush

For just 50ml of this cream, expect to fork out about £16,955. Each jar has been hand crafted at Kuush and comes with the most opulent ingredients including precious metals such as platinum, silver and gold. And it promises to have give your skin more glow and grandeur. Despite its price tag, the moisturiser has already been received advanced orders and has officially been released this month. So exclusive is this jar of beauty goodness that it can only be purchased via email.

3. Armillion Bracelet, from Armillion Geneve

As tech continues to infiltrate many aspects of our lives with smartphones, watches, keys and the works, the luxury world too is on the bandwagon. And the Armillion bracelet is evident of that. Equipped with RFID technology, this nifty jewellery piece isn’t just a chic wearable item, but it’s said to allow the user pay up to £200,000 contactlessly, serve as a touch key to open your supercar, or even unlock the security system of your mansion. Made with high-tech ceramic, the bracelet is extremely scratch-resistant and also comes with a case made from precious metals such as 18k pink, white or yellow gold, or titanium with a diamond-like carbon coating. And unlike other wearables, this one doesn’t ever need a charge. The Armillion bracelet is limited to only 10 pieces per edition and is available for purchase from October onwards, though its price is not available at the time of writing.

4. Kinmemai Premium Rice, from Toyo Rice Corporation

Yes, even something as everyday as rice has entered the world of luxury. Kinmemai rice, produced by Toyo Rice Corporation, has been around for a while but only in recent years been extending its reach to beyond Japan. Having recently entered the Guinness World Records for being the most expensive rice, the Kinmemai Premium rice costs about US$109 per kilogramme, excluding consumption tax and postage. This Asian staple, available as white rice only, is said to be rinse-free, environmentally-friendly and more nutritional than regular grains.

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