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Elegant Corner by Klots Home Furnishing

The Kemang-based home furnishing store offers perfect elements that can elevate the feel of a room.

Home accessories are the perfect elements that can help you elevate the feel of a room, no matter the scope: whether it’s the living room or a small corner of the house, every space needs to be given a personal touch to make it yours. This time, KLOTS Home Furnishing is ready to give you the inspirations you need.

Elegance does not need to be a loud statement; instead, it’s the subtle type of elegance that always makes an impression. Your favourite corner of the house can be made luxurious with an exquisite selection of accessories.

AERIN new collection from KLOTS will bring a luxurious touch to your table. Start with the small vase crafted in Italy with a hand-painted gold-drip rim. To complement this, there’s the delicate porcelain flowers, hand cast and embellished with 18-karat gold and looks absolutely beautiful on a tabletop or vanity.

Continue your streak of golden material by having a frame of your precious moments shared with loved ones on the table: the AERIN classic frame inspired by the geometric Art Deco, the octagonal frame is further enhanced by a luxurious shagreen finish

Add to that the white box, which is similar to the frame and can be used to organized personal objects on a desk or table. Finally, the clamshell box with an intricate surface in gold will add interest to a vanity, desk or tabletop. You can use objects of varying shapes and textures to create an aesthetically satisfying look.

The new collection from AERIN will definitely bring a luxurious touch to your home.

Established in 1999, KLOTS’ extensive range of luxury products are the perfect means to reshape your living space and create a timeless elegance for your home.


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