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Comfy Code in Minotti

This is a very special year for Minotti, a breakthrough in its evolutionary path.

This is a very special year for Minotti, a breakthrough in its evolutionary path. Having reached its 70th anniversary, a milestone that attests its strong commitment to interior design, the company presents a multifaceted collection, born from a project open to contributors with design philosophies rooted in various cultural backgrounds. Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni, as a sign of continuity, today it welcomes the stylistic input of four international designers.

Among the most distinguishing pieces from the collection, is the Alexander seating system by Architect Rodolfo Dordoni. Inspired by rationalist and contemporary concepts, it is a seating system with different forms that can be combined with each other. Squared and curved elements can be used together in the same composition to create areas with an intimate and enveloping atmosphere.

The various modular elements allow for a wide range of arrangements, from L-shaped configurations characterised by the perfect geometry to linear interpretations that can evolve into sinuous profiles thanks to the original Alexander “Drop” curved elements, such as the chaise-longue or the rounded corner modules.

The modules can have high or low backrests, or a combination of both, contributing to the versatility of the system. The pieces with higher backrests design alcove points, creating corners of intimacy, where to sit as in a nest of great comfort to read or watch TV. Instead, the elements with lower backrests are designed not to obstruct the view of the surrounding space.

Alexander is characterized by the sartorial details of the seams on the corner of the sofa and on the high back/armrest and by the central seam placed on the backrest cushions. The base is made of light bronze-coloured aluminium bars and keeps the elements raised from the ground, thus conveying a sense of lightness to the suspended volumes.

Available at Minotti Jakarta by Moie

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