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Junita Mogi: Indescribable Love

Junita Mogi, a young mother, has been a fan of Dior for two decades.

Junita Mogi first fell for Dior when the house launched its pink monogram collection. “I was still a teenager. Since then, I have been following Dior’s development and collecting its beautiful pieces.”

Two decades after knowing Dior, Junita reminisces of her first purchase. “It was the complete set of bag and wallet in pink monogram with white flower embellishments,” she explains. “For me, Dior is ladylike and chic with a hint of sportiness. I personally love to dress up casually and sporty. So among all, I love Dior Fusion shoes the most, because I think they are the prettiest sneakers ever made.”

Junita says one of her most memorable moments with Dior happened during the course of her friendship with Angel, Agnes, Nezi and Belinda. “It was during Angel’s wedding last December, when I was chosen as maid of honour,” she says. “Together with the girls, we got really close with Dior’s former Creative Director Raf Simons when he joined us for the after party. He was such a fun personality and we took a lot of selfies while drinking and dancing together.”

Spend 10 minutes with Junita and one will see her warm personality. Sporting an edgy bob hairstyle, she greets everyone at the studio, chatting cheerily with those around her. With her youthful appearance and super slim figure, it is hard for one to guess that she is actually a mother of two.

“If I have to pick one special occasion that marks the biggest celebration in my life, it got to be the birth of my two daughters,” she smiles. “It was such a great experience that only a mom can feel and words cannot describe. I am currently busy being a full-time housewife, dealing with household stuff and taking care of my daughters. I gave birth to my first child when I was 28. Now they are four-and-a-half and two-and-a-half respectively,” she proudly says.

Junita earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing at the University of San Fransisco. After completing her education, she came back to Jakarta to help out her family business. “I worked for two years at my father’s property business until I got married on July 2010. So this month, we will celebrate our sixth anniversary.”


Fashion Direction Peter Zewet

Photography Indra Leonardi

Styling Koko Namara

Makeup Sisy & Thea Christine

Hair Inaro Ahmad & Imam Turmudzi

Fashion Intern Melisa Kohar