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Belinda Tjajadi: Big Year Ahead

Belinda Tjajadi is preparing for her wedding in September. Yet, the bride-to-be keeps herself busy with her activities as a businessperson and online entrepreneur.

Belinda Tjajadi treats fashion as an extension of her personality. Just like her personality, her choice of clothing is both classic and edgy.

“Dior displays a diverse collection balancing masculinity and femininity in their designs,” she says. “The masculine touch is usually incorporated in their vests, shirts and long coasts, whereas their dresses are usually more feminine with an accentuating silhouette. I would describe my sense of style as edgy-modern, so for me Dior aces it in combining masculinity and femininity.”

Belinda describes Dior’s collection as something that embodies feminisim. “Dior creates pieces that empower women, and at the same time, the brand keeps the femininity in their pieces,” she explains. “It also masters the art of creating something simple yet intricate and striking.”

Earlier this year, in January, Belinda had her first experience watching Dior’s show at Paris Fashion Week. She flew in to the France’s capital to attend  the house’s summer 2016 couture show. “The fashion show was located at Musée Rodin, which was a true Parisian beauty,” she recalls. “Stepped inside, we were immediately transported into a much younger and modern theme with each angle of the wells covered with mirror. It was a delightful surprise indeed.”

Belinda’s first Dior piece was a pink saddle bag. “I started wearing more Dior when I came back from my study in the US and have my style transformed, adjusting to my new lifestyle and activities in Jakarta. I’ve found Dior suitable for my professional wear as well as evening outfits.”

But among the many pieces of Dior that she owns, her Dior Fusion sneakers are her favourite. “It’s my go-to shoes, let it be malls, travelling or events,” she enthuses. “It is the coolest version of sneakers. I cannot live or travel without it.”

Belinda, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and a Master’s degree at Singapore Management University, is currently busy preparing for her wedding day. This year is indeed a big one for her, with many personal celebrations coming her way. “I have just had my engagement party (in Surabaya last May), and I am now fully focusing on my wedding planning this coming September,” she says. “I am very detailed about arranging my big day, so I need to be very hands-on and make sure that every single thing is planned well.”

Besides planning for the wedding, Belinda is also busy working for her family business in investment management. On top of that, she runs her online jewellery shop, After the wedding, she hopes to continue focusing on her career, as well as building a new family. “Mastering both at once would be the greatest achievement I could ever imagine.”


Fashion Direction Peter Zewet

Photography Indra Leonardi

Styling Koko Namara

Makeup Sisy & Thea Christine

Hair Inaro Ahmad & Imam Turmudzi

Fashion Intern Melisa Kohar