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Quality Time in Paris with Cinta Laura

The rising young actress on meeting Cindy Crawford at Omega’s “Her Time” exhibition and her new career in Hollywood.

Friday, September 29 was a big day for legendary Swiss watch manufacturer Omega – and for Cinta Laura Kiehl. The stunning 24-year-old German-Indonesian actress was one of the friends of the brand to be invited to the opening of Omega’s “Her Time” exhibition in Paris.

Cinta joined supermodel Cindy Crawford and Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann in celebrating the company’s ladies watch collections in the historic and magnificent setting of the Hôtel de Sully, a private mansion in the Louis XIII style located in the Marais, IV arrondissement. Prestige joined Los Angeles-based Cinta in the city of light, where she was photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack.

“I’m a representative of the millennial generation,” says Cinta of her role with Omega. “This is an opportunity for me to depict my country in a strong and positive light. I feel honoured and grateful to have been chosen by Omega to represent Indonesia in Paris.”

“The exhibition was very beautifully laid out. I found the progression of Omega’s women’s watch designs fascinating, due to the fact that the models on display clearly demonstrated the trends of each time period. I personally loved the designs from the 1920s. They incorporated a bold gold strap and fierce feminine curves that allowed them to serve as both watches and as exquisite bracelets.”

“The Hôtel de Sully added to the grandness and elegance of the occasion with its old Parisian interior. This reinforced Omega’s image as a luxurious and sophisticated brand. In essence, everything was executed very tastefully.” What was it like to meet Cindy Crawford and her family? “It was great to see that Cindy has remained so grounded, despite her fame and success,” says Cinta. “Her eloquence adds to her poise and elegance, which in my opinion makes her even more captivating. Her children (Kaia and Presley), who have joined her as brand ambassadors, seemed to be very sweet.”

“Raynald Aeschlimann was extremely charming. I was in awe of how sweet he was. Jean-Pascal Perret, the Vice President, was also very kind. He sat with the Omega Indonesia team and me at the welcome dinner. It was quite evident that we were his favourites! The trip demonstrated that Omega is a family-oriented brand. Once welcomed by them, one automatically becomes a part of a loving, loyal and impenetrable ‘household’”

“All in all, my time in Paris with Omega was very enjoyable. We were lucky that the weather was extremely pleasant for autumn. Hence, we were lucky to have the city lit up beautifully during the photo shoot. I almost felt like I was on holiday, given that Omega made me feel so relaxed. The shoot with Prestige was a great experience as well. Mitchell and Peter Zewet were a blast to work with. It was never boring, and I definitely enjoyed myself.”

Cinta was born in Quakenbrück, Germany on August 17, 1993. Her mother, Herdiana, is a lawyer, while her father, Michael Kiehl, is an hotelier. “I grew up in multiple countries due to my father’s work,” says Cinta. “I lived in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany. I moved to Indonesia at the age of 12, lived in Jakarta until I was 17 and then moved to the US.

“Essentially, I was raised everywhere! I feel blessed to have been raised that way, as it allowed me to become the adaptable person I am today. I love learning about new cultures and want to continue to experience living in different places. Our world is globalizing and I feel that it is imperative for individuals in present-day society to have the capacity to understand the world and the people in it.

“Having a very disciplined and organised German father definitely helps me to manage my time. I was raised to always respect other people’s time and to work in a very efficient manner. Being punctual comes naturally to me and, therefore, I cannot imagine myself being any other way.”

Cinta studied psychology and German literature at Columbia University in New York City, graduating with honours. She began her career as a teenager in 2007, and has appeared in several TV series and movies. Among her Hollywood movies are After the Dark and The Ninth Passenger.

“I was in Savannah, Georgia this past summer filming a movie called Crazy for the Boys, in which I play the quintessential high-school mean girl,” she grins. “The movie is akin to High School Musical and was really fun to shoot.” The film features actors from TV shows such as Degrassi and Teen Wolf and is set for a spring release in 2018.

Cinta adds: “I am currently filming my fourth Hollywood movie in LA. I can’t disclose too much information at this point. Nonetheless, it is my favourite role so far because it’s very different from anything I have ever done before. Imagine the teenage version of Rosamund Pike’s character in Gone Girl. Just stay tuned!”

The actress lived in New York City for three years. Then, having completed her studies, she moved to LA to focus on her career. Says Cinta: “I believe that life is about creating new challenges. So it’s important for me to push myself and see if I can bring my love for acting to the next level.

“Getting a part in a Hollywood movie is not easy. It can be a long and tedious process that requires a lot of mental strength and will power. Only one percent of those who attempt a career in Hollywood actually make it big. Yes, it’s that hard! One must go through numerous auditions, which in most cases end up in rejection until, hopefully, that one perfect role comes along.”

“Long story short, it is definitely important to have a solid manager and agent who can help you land auditions for good-quality projects. Casting directors only take actors from reliable managements and agencies. Additionally, there’s anywhere between five to 10 steps after a preliminary audition before a new actor actually lands a role in a movie or TV series.”

“It’s a tough industry, but I am seeing very good progress in my career that is allowing me to take on bigger and better roles. They say it takes on average a decade to rise in Hollywood. Let’s hope I can beat that statistic.”

“I’ve attended quite a few prestigious movie award ceremonies, like the Oscars and Bafta. I enjoy these because it allows me to meet interesting industry people that work behind and in front of the camera. I have met many big stars at these events, such as Emma Stone, Matt Damon, Meryl Streep, Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Lawrence, Sofia Vergara. The list goes on!”

How long will Cinta stay in LA? “We’ll see,” she smiles. “As we all know, life likes to throw random curveballs. My motto is, ‘No matter where life takes me, I refuse to live a mediocre life.’ All I can say at this time is that I will continue to work towards succeeding in the international entertainment industry. My biggest goal is to have a stable career doing what I love, starting by booking amazing film and TV projects that I’m passionate about.”

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