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“Now, my success as an actress is like a big present,” says the star.

“I studied ballet for two years as a child and the first time I performed in public was when I was only 6 years old, in a recital at the Roxy Theatre in Belgium. It was an exciting experience, but sadly I did not continue with ballet after my family moved to Indonesia when I was 8. “Now, my success as an actress is like a big present. I know God loves me because I have achieved things that I would never have expected. Everything in my career so far has gone smoothly. I’m so lucky.” Twenty-one-year-old Belgian-Indonesian actress Mentari De Marelle is talking about a film career that began with a role in Yasmine: The Final Fist (2014), an action movie starring Reza Rahadian, Nabila Huda and Agus Kuncoro.

“I got the role because of my flexibility, which comes from my training in ballet, karate and taekwondo,” says Mentari. The movie was a success on the film festival circuit, being shown in Cannes, Hong Kong and Neuchatel, Switzerland in 2014. Mentari became a star a year later with her lead role as Carrie looking for her “Romeo” in Verona in LDR and its sequel Where Is My Romeo. “We shot the movie in Italy,” she says. “After the first film came out, people started to recognise me. Suddenly, even people you don’t expect to know you, know you.” Raised in Kruibeke, West Vlaanderen, Mentari says she admires Audrey Hepburn “because there was something about how she spoke and looked at her co-stars that I would like to be able to do as well.” Mentari’s dream role? “That would be something like Margot Robbie in her movie Terminal. I would love to play a posh hit woman and be all cool and murder all the bad guys – but still remain classy and clean.”

Photographed by Robin Alfian
Styled by Peter Zewet  ⠀
Mentari De Marelle is wearing a dress by Eddy Betty / Jewellery by Cartier ⠀
Make-up by Noveo Alexander
Hair by Franciska Natalia
Stylist Assistant Devi Lesmana
Shot on location Da Vinci Indonesia

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