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Cover Story: Adinda Bakrie

In an exclusive interview, The seven-time Prestige cover girl shares how writing heals her from a tough phase of life.

Adinda Bakrie is known for many things. One of the most high-profile socialites in Indonesia, she is admired both as a stunning style star and as a devoted young mother of two. Arriving on set for the Prestige September issue cover shoot, the young beauty sets up a positive tone for the day with her approachable manner. She greets everyone warmly and heads straight for the changing room to get ready for the camera.

She expresses her excitement about having Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Ronald Liem, who has been a close friend and mentor since she was a little girl, behind the lens. The two buddies get into the photo shoot mood pretty quickly, with Adinda striking pose after pose like a pro. “I can’t believe this is my seventh Prestige cover,” she gushes. “Come to think of it, Prestige has been there throughout many phases of my life. I hope I grow up just like the magazine.” Adinda was a Business Management graduate of Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts when she posed for her first cover story for this magazine. Interestingly, her seventh shoot takes place in the midst of the summer break for her Master’s degree programme.

“I hope that every time I share my stories, Prestige readers can relate to them,” she says. “I’m continuously trying to be a better version of myself.” Since last year, Adinda has been a Master’s student, majoring in psychology, in Los Angeles. Being a self-confessed geek, she admits to spending most of her week nights in the company of books in the library. “Going back to campus, I was very nervous. The last time I was at school was 12 years ago,” Adinda admits. “On campus, performance are monitored through grades and compared with your peers. But I find that going to school at a more mature age is undoubtedly a rewarding experience. Your adult experience adds to the experience and makes a worthy contribution to the class. At this age, each person’s uniqueness is more pronounced.”

Outfit: Victoria Beckham (at Jade Boutique) | Jewellery & timepiece: Chopard

Going back to college encourages Adinda to give up heels for sneakers. “During the day, I drive my kids to school, dance classes and martial art classes. I have my workout regime every other day. In the evening, after my kids go to sleep, I go to class. That’s why I prefer to dress practically,” she grins. Her typical weekday getup is made up of t-shirts, Lulu Lemon leggings and sneakers or flat shoes. But Adinda is always prepared for any occasion beyond her agenda. Even on the most casual of days, she always has a dressy top in her bag, just in case.

One of Adinda’s fashion essentials is the black dress, for its timeless versatility. “You can wear it day and night, dress it up or down. You can wear it with heels or even sneakers,” she says. Sneakers are definitely Adinda’s new best friends, because in between classes, she keeps fit with rigorous workout regimes. From spinning at indoor cycling to stretching at Pilates, it’s no wonder that Adinda has a very lean figure. “I am obsessed with cycling now. I love both outdoor and indoor cycling (spinning),” Adinda says. “On weekends, I take a break from the workout regime, and do something fun like biking to Zuma Beach from Malibu, or climb up Palos Verdez. But if my body is too drained from a long week, I would simply stroll at Manhattan Beach or walk along Abbott Kinney.”

Although her health is important for her, Adinda says that over time, she has learned to listen to the signs that her body sends. “Even though discipline is the key to good results, as you grow older, you have no choice but to listen to your body. At the end of the day, you have to remember that the end goal is to be healthy.”

Outfit: Zac Posen | Jewellery: Chopard

Aiming to complement her physical fitness with emotional wellbeing, Adinda has recently taken up writing. “I have enjoyed writing since I was in high school, but back then I did not realise that it was a form of venting,” she says. “As you grow older, your troubles and burdens grow. Writing lets me to get it all out, even when I’m alone. Of course, having your family and friends around is always the best way to heal in times of troubles. However, they are not with you 24/7 and therefore writing helps to calm the mind.”

In the hope of sharing her thoughts and personal journey with others, Adinda plans to publish a book someday. “Naturally, some would like it, some would object to it or even look down at it. Nonetheless, I have accepted that everyone is different and there is no one way of doing things. Hence, impacting even only one person in a positive way through my writing is better than not contributing anything to the world.”

One of Adinda’s purposes in life is being a good role model for her children. Kierra is now five years old and already growing up to be a fashion enthusiast in her own right. Her second, Kellan, is now two years old. Motherhood has become a continuous learning curve for Adinda. “When the day comes that one of my children excitingly shares or teaches me about something they have experienced, something they have felt, or something that their free-spirited mother has never experienced, that will be the day that I know I have taught them the right values: to have the courage to find their happiness and not to be afraid of boundaries created by others.”

Outfit: Michael Kors | Jewellery: Chopard

Her family and dear friends mean the world to Adinda. “When you go through difficult times, you realise who you really care for and who cares for you,” she confides. “I have stopped pretending in the name of satisfying others, and have instead decided to focus on what really matters to me.” Adinda says that she never believes in the survival of the fittest, because one of the most precious things in life is doing things for the people she loves.

“I believe that love is the only rational act,” she says as she gets ready to wrap up her Prestige shoot. “When you do that, people may call you naïve, but at the same time you just feel genuinely happy because you give without expecting to get anything in return.” With that, Adinda leaves the set. But not before sharing a few passages that she recently wrote.

“Without you realising it, you are halfway in becoming that person you want to be with and maybe when you least expect it, you are walking next to someone that is also on their way towards the same values/purposes in life. That person appreciates the you now, not what you were, not what you are going to be. You with all the flaws and all the goods. That person does not make you feel guilty or that you are not good enough, and that person does not take you for granted or make you feel unappreciated. No one is perfect.”

Watch Adinda behind the scenes of Prestige September Issue, here.


Photography Ronald Liem

Fashion Direction Peter Zewet

Styling Koko Namara

Makeup Upan Duvan

Hair Arnold Ardndut

Fashion Intern Melisa Kohar

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